Sunday, February 22, 2015

I was so lazy, we didn't even go to Big Lots yesterday !

Well, we went to Big Lots today, as promised, really early. Despite the ‘snow at 4pm’ forecasts, it started snowing at 10am, and you know I don’t drive or otherwise function well in snow. Unless it’s behind a good solid window in a nice warm house ! But I promised, and since it wouldn’t get past freezing all day, figured it was best to get going and get it done. So I left Beloved Hubby sleeping, made sure Dearest Son was well-bundled, and off we went. Glad we weren’t getting groceries – from the parking lots, there’s probably not a gallon of milk available at retail for miles around.

He found the ponies he wanted, despite having to twice wait out a little girl who seemed to follow us around the store, singing praises about her electronic stuffed puppy set to ‘Jingle Bells’ and the standard sing-song little girl chant. I remember being that desperate for attention at her age, but I had to wonder where her folks were.

Snagged a few other minor items – they finally had the Sesame variety of the Wasa Crispbreads I like in stock – and we were at the register when I saw four Elmer Chocolate heart-boxes, just like the Dollar tree ones, on markdown for 50¢ each. Snagged the lot and learned something important. They may look the same and be the same size, but if the picture shows four candies on the back (instead of the five shown on the DTree ones), believe the image. Hmpft. At least they were on sale. And the cashier was glad to finally trash the shelf display on her register.

I don’t know why I’m so lethargic and lazy. Can I blame the half-inch of snow ? 

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