Monday, February 9, 2015

'Cause there's not much, here's one of my favorite Wondermarks ! Visit more at, of course.

Don’t know what’s goin’ down with Chez Insanity, but all of us had to fight to stay awake all day. Beloved Hubby had to quite literally drag his anatomy to work, I had to make m’self coffee at 11am, and I still had to wake Dearest Son for a late lunch, after he fell asleep twice beforehand. Must be this amazingly beautiful weather. Junior-kitty loves it, as I can just prop open a window to the backyard for him to come and go as he pleases, without yowling at the front door.

Embroidery designers are really feeling the love – I scored six new freebies today, and spent a big $2.75 on four I liked on sale, only minor freebie guilt engaged. Trying to decide what next to create, as there’s so much new and so much ‘old’ from which to choose. 

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