Tuesday, February 10, 2015

German, by artist Anjana Iyer. Don't you love language study ?

Up early today for Dearest Son’s annual check-up. His doctors don’t really do appointments for that, they just set out a block of time for us to show up and wait. Can’t really whine, though, we were outta there in less than two hours – I remember one well-baby check-up that went six hours, ‘just a few more minutes’ at a time. We were down to one car then, otherwise I’d have bagged it before it got nearly that ridiculous.

He’s good and healthy, got a couple booster shots – clearly, we’re not anti-vaxxers, but I am anti-Jenny McCarthy, though – and refills on his anti-seizure meds. He took it all in stride, so I took him out for lunch and a slushie. My favorite chicken place has a Tuesday special – two dark meat pieces, chef’s choice, 99¢. I got him fries for being brave in face of needles. I was happy with just chicken, and in fact, only ate one piece.

When we moved, AT&T upgraded us to ‘Max’, the ‘fastest possible’ internet speed. Today I got a solicit in the mail, offering us $5. off for the next six months if we upgrade to the fastest possible internet speed, Max Plus. Ah, AT&T, you never disappoint when it comes to upsells. When we can run three computers, cable TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Movies all at once with no lag, I think we’re OK at Max. Besides, the only price given is the $5. off offer. Five bucks off what ? It doesn’t say anywhere.

Printed and cut out (and already altered) the $2. AG pattern I bought a few days ago. Planning on stitching out a rough draft this evening. It’s a simple button-front collared shirt in three versions – I chose the plain one for fittings. Wish me and Tia luck !

For the afternoon, though, I brushed Merri’s hair, intending to tuck her back among the other DP&Ms, but instead decided to tweak her green ‘Elsa’ dress a bit while I still had her out. Took out part of the skirt seams, widened the side darts a bit, shortened one of the straps. Much better ! Then I put the ‘Elsa and Olaf’ shirt back on her which covered it all. Well, at least I’m satisfied with it now ! 

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