Monday, February 2, 2015

For a Dollar Tree box of candy, that heart sure was gooood !

Aw, man. I should not be allowed out of the house with access to money ! Actually, while I bought silly stuff, at least it was cheep silly stuff, and as usual, I got no regrets. And I still have a few dollars to play with ! Normally by now, I’ve spent all my first-of-the-month bucks.

Had a few errands to run today, and wanted to prowl a bit, even though we’re going to OldTown tomorrow and Hancock Fabrics Thursday. Ended up at Dollar General, since I wanted a cheap trash can to store Junior’s kitty-kibble in. He keeps digging at the bottom of the bag, tearing it open, even when his dish is full, and I’m getting tired of cleaning up Meow Mix leaks. While the smaller can for $5. would work – we tried it with a bag of chow from the Pet Foods section – I liked the bigger $6. can better. With that, a roll of starry duct tape, a Frozen sticker / mini coloring book, and the Little Golden Book for reference, we headed to the register. The nice cashier told me they had two trash cans just like that, in the back, each with some slight damage to the rim from shipping. They were gonna put ‘em out at half off due to the chipping – would I want one of those instead ? Oh, yeah ! I put the intact one back, picked the choicest of the slightly damaged two, and merrily left, having spent less than $11. on my little splurge. No more chewed-up cat food bags at Chez Insanity !

As if to show I don’t have to leave the house to spend my money, don’t forget I spent $7. on instant downloadable embroidery designs on line Friday, and then today spent $2. on a doll blouse pattern on Craftsy – but downloaded twelve more for free. Everything from patterns for me clothes to stuffed animals. There’s an adorable machine embroidery stuffed animal pattern / design on Etsy I want, but it’s ten bucks. If I were to make more than one, it’d be sooo worth it, but I don’t know that I’d ever make more than possibly three. I figure, I’ll see how I like making this freebie stuffie, decide from there if I wanna get the Etsy one. I’m not really a huge stuffed-animal enthusiast, but I like having quick gift options, and I love cats.

But for now, I had the makings of a doll shirt I wanted. So I knocked it together, learned that, if I wanna use the pointed-waist pattern with an embroidery design, the design’s gotta be three inches tall, or smaller. Elsa and Olaf’s height are a bare twitch under the limits of my hoop, four inches. I also didn’t center it on the fabric piece very well when I hooped it, so the sleeves on this now-familiar Hospital Gown shirt are very short. Kinda like ‘em like that, though.

Thinking of working on doll shoes this week, then working on another design this weekend. If I use a new design and a new pattern, and keep on doing so, I’ll soon be ready for more of both ! In maybe even less than two years…

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