Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cherry picking at the grocery is exhausting !

I think I’m magnetically attracted to the earth somehow, because moving seems darn near impossible. Only reason I got off my duff today was that we were out of milk, and eggs after I made breakfast. It’s rare for us to get breakfast together, unless it’s fast-food biscuits, but Beloved Hubby didn’t have to go in ‘til mid-morning, so I made us a nice meal of eggs, DTree turkey bacon, and toast points. Delicious !

Was glad to use up the eggs, as the grocery down the street had a special. But once there, I found a couple dozens on markdown – XL Organic Free Range brown eggs for a dollar a dozen, a little cheaper than the sale price. I dug through ‘til I found a carton uncracked and about a week out of expiring, and tucked them and a sale carton in the cart. I can use the originally overpriced dozen in a week or so, especially if I’m making us breakfast more often ! And Beloved loves him some egg salad sandwiches…

I also cherry-picked the loss-leader oranges, barbecue sauce, and shaved ham, along with the sale potato chips, Dearest Son’s choice of cereal, milk, and a Lunchable for, well, his lunch. I’m also making Beloved’s lunches – he’s so sweet, he says he prefers my sandwiches to going out every day ! – and you won’t believe how quickly we go through ham !

About all I did all day was run and empty the dishwasher and watch cable – I’ve got to start turning that TV off !

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