Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hope your day was delicious !

Poor thing - I dropped the
pot carrying it to the register. Hope the
petals heal soon ! 
Happy Valentine’s Day ! Hope you made some sweet memories     today !

As for us, it was a really nice day. We slept in – Beloved Hubby and I had been up last night, watching old Venture Brothers cartoons and chatting into the ridiculous hours. He’s off all weekend, too, which is great. I wanted him to get some rest, so we didn’t really do much, plus we’re perpetually broke, but he made us some great video shelves out of discarded job site lumber ! At last, all the DVDs and video games are out of the paper grocery sacks we moved ‘em in and out where we can see ‘em. Now I really want a DVD player for the Salon. Sure, my computer can play ‘em, but I usually want the computer to show some project information I’m working on while a movie’s playing. So don’t be surprised if I buy a cheapie player at the first of next month. I figure, I’ll save enough for that by not buying a slow cooker.

We had to buy drywall screws, so we hit Home Despot, and we now own a cute little lotus-like succulent potted plant. According to the sticker on the plastic pot, it’s an Echaveria Fleur Blanc, and even I should be able to keep it alive inside. Wish the poor thing luck, I’m still not sure how the bamboo plant I bought Beloved Hubby for our anniversary two years ago is still alive, either.

While Beloved napped, Dearest Son and I decided to tour the Flea Market, mostly to just get outta Chez Insanity while the weather was still so gorgeous, and walk around while avoiding anyplace that might sell anything pink or red. Last two times we’ve hit the Flea, it’s been such a total wash, I didn’t even take cash this time. Of course, we both found something irresistible, necessitating a bank run. It’ll take an entire separate entry to describe what I bought and why I bought it, so you’ll get that tomorrow. For his part, Dearest has learned not to trust various streaming services, preferring to purchase DVDs of his most favored films. We found the two Batman movies he loves, and one of the two remaining Harry Potter movies we still lacked (Order of the Phoenix, I think all we need now is the second Deathly Hallows one), all for just $5., so he was thrilled.

In addition to my Mystery Find (more tomorrow), I snagged at least eight, maybe ten, yards of two designs of nautical-themed woven cotton fabric for $3. I think the two biggest pieces were possibly someone’s curtains – while they’re not faded, there’s a hem in them that almost looks like my hand-sewing, which is clumsy at best. The other piece I like better, kind of a reef with fish and sea life, is several yards big, too. There’s at least enough there for summer blouse-and-shorts sets for me, shirts for Beloved and Dearest, and for every doll I own to get a new wardrobe, and still have a yard or two to donate. It’s awaiting the next dark load in the washer.

Gonna finish the day off with some sewing and watching a movie with my guys. What a great day ! No candy, no roses – unless you count the succulent – yet one of the finest Valentine’s Days ever. I feel so very loved…

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