Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Poor Tia - she always gets stuck with the 'less than sophisticated' stuff...

Woot ! The pattern I decided to take out for a test drive last night worked great ! All I did was take out a quarter inch from the side seams and also from center front and center back, and I had a pretty decent fit without much work. If, however, you need a good AG-size button-front collared blouse with several variations for a mere $2., I can recommend Val Spiers Sews’ ‘Snugfit Elaine’ pattern, available over on Craftsy. I had to fuss a bit with the collar, but doing the same in Barbie and MH size is definitely more challenging. In some ways, learning to sew in sixth scale gave me a good grounding in standard sewing – not to mention patience ! But it’s nice to use up some of these larger print scraps once in a while.

She also has a ‘witch’ pattern I’d like to see what I can do with sometime – maybe next week. I’m kind of feeling over-indulged already, and know I’m buying a new embroidery design this weekend, so a bit of restraint will do me good. I also want to test my latest blouse tweaks. I’ve made it shorter, for kicks.  

I also got to go through my massive button supply – hundreds of ‘em, anywhere from 4mm to two inches big ! - and learned I have next to no red ones. You’d think I’d have hundreds, but that’s not the case. Ended up using the small ones ‘cause I had the most of those, and even then, I used half dark red, half bright red buttons so I’d have enough. Not sure if I need to buy more buttons or just some red Fusion spray paint…

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