Thursday, February 19, 2015

Good news - so very welcome !

Got a call from MIL – she needed a ride to a medical appointment. S’Ok, I needed a reason to get off my stupefied rump. And they had great news ! They’re moving to their own apartment, in ThisCity, at the first of the month. Whew ! What a relief. I wondered if their mortgage holder had lit the fire, but it’s nunnamybiz, we’re just happy they’ll be outta there soon. And it’ll be much easier to arrange future medical appointments. Get this – the Senior Ride bus service will gladly transport them from ThisCity to ThatPlace and back, no problem. But they won’t from ThatPlace to ThisCity ! Go figure.

They’ll be about ten blocks away, too. Close enough to be convenient, far enough for everyone to keep their privacy. While I’m a bit worried they’ll soon be depending on us again, at least their place is nearly all-inclusive. They have their own electric bill (but it’s the same company they have now, so no ridiculous deposits) and cable/internet, but considering they won’t have water, trash, or gas bills, hopefully it’ll be more comfortable for them.

While she was in for her appointment, Dearest Son and I hit Dollar Tree, just for a few snacks. Surprisingly, they still had Valentine’s Day candy, mostly of the lollipop and conversation heart varieties. Hey, I like conversation hearts, especially at half off. When we poked our heads into Dollar General (right next to the grocery store) yesterday, their leftovers were only 25% off. 

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