Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hot fun in the summertime !

Current Mood : Delighted ! 

Whoo-hoo ! Rent’s paid ! That always puts me in a good mood. Even though the client paid the first bill, not the new one he requested. (sigh) Ah, well. Getting out for a bit to pick up a few things will improve my mood some. On the agenda for today – Dollar Tree and Mal-Wart. All right !

Wanted to go back to DTree, even though we were just there last week, because there was a book I wanted, and a sheet of foam core. Ours only tends to have it during Back-to-School promotions, and I wanted it for a photo backdrop. The bookcase photo studio is too dark, no matter how much light I pour in there. Most of the foamcore I had before got damaged in the move, so… Plus, it’s Dollar Tree. I always wanna go there !

Soon had two foamcore sheets, one black, one white. It’s the first time I’ve seen it in anything but white there ! Had to dig for the book, but I found possibly the last one. It’s just a little volume on organizing, but for a buck, I wanted to read it. I also found a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic calendar for 2013, and snagged it for my favorite Brony, Beloved Hubby. He already loves it. (smile)

Got some of my favorite rice crackers and gherkins, and some hard candy for my desk jar. Since we still don’t have a microwave, I needed some small glass bowls and a cookie sheet for the toaster oven, and got ‘em. Dearest Son found a kitten mousepad and a Hot Wheels Aston Martin, so he was chuffed. On to Mal-Wart !

But first…the thrift store out front. Urgh. It’s changed…and not for the best. It was so dark in there, I couldn’t tell from outside if they were open or not, and clothes were racked to the rafters. If something had intrigued me up on the higher racks, I would have had no idea how to get to it, much less the stuff behind it. Yikes.

The housewares and toys weren’t much better. Broken, bizarre stuff piled high and priced the same. I found ironing boards, small for $5., full-size for $7., both worn and a bit torn. I then found almost identical ones at Mal-Wart, for $8. and $12., brand new. Ended up snagging a couple 50c books and knowing I wouldn’t be back anytime soon. They’re nearly as bad as the GoodWill down the street. And that place was the worst thrift ever. We stopped in for a few about two weeks ago, and almost everything I saw was broken or damaged in some way. Depressing.

Nothin’ new at M-W, just a full complement of the Ghouls of Sweet 1600. So I got the groceries we needed and headed out. Saw the bank thermometer – 105 degrees. I’ve never been so happy to be home, with all the air conditioning I could want.

I’m gonna go read – I got five new books to enjoy ! And no headache !

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