Saturday, July 21, 2012

Duck !

Current Mood : Happy - and soon, with more space !

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Forgot to tell ya’ll – I have an appointment with the Sleep Clinic again, but it’s not an overnight this time. Thank Everything. No, I’m going to their office in a larger city Monday morning, to try out what’s called a ‘nasal pillow’ – basically a cannula with some push to it, that’s not likely to come out as easily. If I can tolerate it, they’ll recommend it for me. It’ll take longer to drive up there than the appointment’s scheduled for. I did some research, and I think it might work. Ironically, I’ve been sleeping better this last week, although the appointment wasn’t scheduled ‘til Friday afternoon.

Beloved’s home this weekend, and I let him rest…for a while. We hit the hobby shop, and I found a color of Tamaya spray paint that might work for my Puma-guy, but it’s really more silver than blue. We’ll see in a few days.

We also picked out a larger aquarium – on sale ! – and a new fish and a froggie, too. Our new fish is another Molly, a gorgeous golden lyretail. So far, we’re calling him/her ‘Freckles’, and our froggie is ‘Diggy’, since he’s always plowing to the tank bottom. We got the tank set up and are just waiting the requisite 24hrs. to install the fish and frog. We also got a free snail, which, predictably, has been named ‘Freebie’.

Our ‘old’ tank – which we’ve had for about a month ! – is going to Dearest Son’s room. I’ll help him keep an eye on it, make sure they get fed and such. He’s been wanting his own since we got it. Our newest one has much cheaper décor. Mostly recycled fake plants and some well-scrubbed rocks from the creek a few dozen feet away.

While we were making space and shifting stuff, Beloved called us outside. We had a visitor – a gorgeous brown duck ! I gave Dearest Son half a raisin bagel to feed him with while I located a plastic bowl and a Sharpie. Turns out, ducks really like ice cubes in their water. According to the kids upstairs, that’s either ‘Duck Norris’ or ‘Duckota Farring’, depending on whatever gender he/she is. It’s funny how many things around us lately are gender-nonspecific. He/She does enjoy a good bagel, that’s for sure.

So, tomorrow, I get nearly three feet of desk space back. I’m thinking I’ll move the sewing machines there, since I won’t have to worry about disturbing fish when I sew. They’re going under the TV in the new tank ! If there’s enough space freed up, I may set up my School playset, at least for some photos. I haven’t had the time or space to really play with it much, and I wanna ! And it’ll be nice to have the space for play.

Gonna kinda miss the fish, though….

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  1. Better watch out for Duck Norris, ducks can raise a mean welt if they bite!