Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi ! Ready for back-to-school yet ?

Current Mood : Aura-ing.

And here’s the last of this outfit rework – with a bonus. I recolored the shoes to Frankie’s outfit and Clawd’s new glasses, then let them sit for a week. The sunglasses were from a Moxie Teenz accessory package, and are really too big for the girls. They fit the guys fairly well, but were too bright a pink to really look good on any of ‘em. So I tinted them, too, and got a photo. In my mind, Clawdeen took it, standing on the fountain during the summer. My old high school had a tradition that, for a couple days each summer, students could come in and pick up their Fall schedules. Not a big deal for most students, but kind of a biggie for those of us on the college prep and business tracks. So my MH school does the same, and like most friends, they travel in packs when they can.

Got the pile of dishes done, along with some general housework. And tonight, I learned that my visual distortions – otherwise known as the ‘aura’ that normally heralds an upcoming migraine – are actually quite typical in people over 40, even when there is no later migraine. I have no headache at all, but I can barely read for the ‘reading through water’ thing my eyes have going on right now. Think I’ll lie down now…

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