Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer daydreamin'...

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I had so much fun with today’s photo. Getting their eye contact right was a bit of a challenge, but even that was a pleasure. I’d kinda like for you to see the actual dress I made, so I took a photo of just DLaura. I think once ya’ll see Tabitha’s pattern ‘in action’, so to speak, you’ll want it, too. Tomorrow, lovelies !

Well, Beloved Hubby’s client gave him the brush-off on payday, asking for a final bill that he didn’t have ready yet, since there’s still several days of work left. Arrrgh. He’s got it ready now, so client had best find his checkbook ! Rent’s due.

That means it’ll be a quiet weekend, but at least we’re well-stocked with food and stuff to do ! Pool’s still closed, they’re working on pipes. Guess the folks who jumped the fence yesterday are probably pretty sick today ! The repair folks have it all torn up.

Speaking of that, we had police at the door this afternoon. Five cars got broken into last night. Not ours, though – ours were unlocked and had been riffled through already, about three weeks ago. All that vanished was Beloved’s $10. MP3 player (that was already malfunctioning), a partial pack of cigarettes, and a covered notebook I made him a couple years ago. They left the little bit of pocket change and his hand tools. And all my stuff for the flea market and thrift donations, imagine that.

I’m re-thinking buying the Skull Shores five-doll Target set. I really don’t need a new Cleo for her blue bangs, or Clawdeen’s latest swimsuit. I love the ones I have already ! If anything, I need to winnow down the herds I already have, not get more ! I’d still like to find Robecca Steam, but I think that’s about it, save for an outfit or two bought separately on eBay. And Headmistress Bloodgood !

That said, I’m now trying to figure if I want a non-damaged arm Skull Shores Ghoulia to replace the one I have. She’s one of the few readily available dolls around here ! But I hate to ditch a damaged doll, it’s like kicking them when they’re down, and it’s not their fault they broke. I don’t even want a duplicate of her swimwear. Hmm….I think I’ll keep the one I have, keep looking for inch-wide black elastic (as a sort of cuff to keep her arm pieces together), and wonder what’s due out next year !

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