Friday, July 27, 2012


Current Mood : Ooogh. I ate too much !

Ya’ll were right about Duck Norris / Duckota Farring. After he/she chased us, flapping and honking, halfway to the parking lot yesterday, that darn duck settled in our doorway and ‘marked’ it. When we got back, he got all mad after I poured water over his leavings so we wouldn’t track in duck crap, and staked out another doorway. I saw him this morning while on a laundry run, busily marking that one. Kinda feel sorry for whoever lives there – it was a very large pile !

Finally posted that silly MH fanfic I wrote – I just remembered I could yesterday. Only a bit over 500 words, it’s not epic. Just me bein’ silly. It's here.

I think Carlin looks fantastic in Operetta’s Roller Maze dress and the glorious white shoes Jemgirl gifted to me. Yes, she is standing unassisted, no stand, no support, nothin’, just her and the shoes. That’s how well they’re made. They require the same care when putting them on as the Mattel ones for Frankie’s ‘Dawn of the Dance’ version, but 99% of that is just figuring out which shoe is right, and which is left.

DracuLaura looks great in the velvet gown I stitched up today. I used Tabitha’s lovely pattern – the one she created and used on that gorgeous burgundy glitter dress she sent me, that I used in the ‘Who Wears It Best ?’ contest between Clawdeen and Cleo. The velvet you’ve seen, too. It was under the Jemgirl shoes yesterday ! The material didn’t stretch quite enough, so I had to improvise a back closure to get it on her, but it came out very nice just the same. Mark of a great pattern.

Already took the photo, too. Since it’s a simple dress, and I wanted to show the black iridescent glitter Jemgirl shoes as well, I went with an unusual pose. You’ll get to see it tomorrow !

Well, it’s home-made taco night, and that doesn’t take a lot of work, it does require some prep work. Hope your weekend goes well ! 

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