Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shuffling fabric, rethinking things, enjoying Life.

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Ironically, I slept really well last night ! (grin)

Woke up today, really wanting to do pamper lil’ ole me a bit – even though I just got delicious, satisfying Chinese takeout last night, and was still feelin’ fat and happy from that  – and it hit me. I haven’t been to Hancock Fabrics since we moved. And there’s yet another sale going on ! I’d need to go out anyway, we needed a few things, so why not ?

Well…there’s the parsecs of fabric in my closet already, for one thing. Then something else occurred to me. I got all my sewing machines and notions newly arranged as I like ‘em on the desk-arena…but there’s no fabric out there. Hmmm…

The milk crate that held the smaller bundles of material – mostly from the old tin dollhouse – was wedged in a difficult-to-reach and hard-to-see corner of my closet. What if I swapped the box of Barbie clothes under the Arena-desks for that ? It’s not like the Barbie clothes will see much use, but the box is smaller than a crate, so it’ll be easier to access.

Or, what about the space that used to hold aquarium and fish supplies ? That was empty now, too, and those boxes of fabric I culled are still around, kind of in the way. I could move the fabric crates hidden away in the closet, move the ‘memory boxes’, full of photos and special memories, that’re also in the way into the closet space, and we’d finally clear most of that clutter away from the seldom-used dining area. Ooooohhhhh…

Took most of the afternoon, but I did it. All the memory stuff, the ribbon/trim shelf unit, and the Barbie clothes are in my closet. Fabric crates are in the living room, just off my Arena, and the culled fabric has been bagged up and will get donated as soon as possible. The only stuff remaining in the dining area is AirSoft, pool toys, and the wet/dry vac. Much nicer ! I wonder if Beloved Hubby will notice right off.

It helped that I eliminated two boxes, mostly full of scrap paper – I went through every sheet first – and things that should go elsewhere, like books. And bagging up the fabric culls freed up two plastic totes (with lids !) for AirSoft or anything else we decide. I’m gonna try to get the fabric to the VA volunteer dept., but it may end up at GoodWill. Long as it’s not underfoot, and our place is a little less cluttered, I’m happy.

I also had to go after the dishes that’d piled up since Friday, and I’m a day behind in my housework, but I can always catch up later. I’m just really happy about my new arrangements, and hope Beloved’s OK with them, too. Hoping to sew tomorrow, even if it’s just another little dress.

Kinda want to re-take yesterday’s photo, because my Jemgirl Creations shoes came in today – and they are *absolutely gorgeous*. I played with them, admiring them in the light, for a good fifteen minutes without any dolls. I got four pairs – black and clear with iridescent glitter, red with red glitter, and pearl shimmer – and each is more beautiful than the last. The first three pair share their shape with Frankie’s ‘Dawn of the Dance’ shoes, and the pearly pair are yer basic ‘Bee Girl’ FM pumps. She even tossed in a sweet gift of a solid-white pair like the first three that isn’t quite as perfect, but is just as well-fitting and pretty as the others. Left her good feedback and a personal thanks. I can’t wait to use them ! Abbey got to model the first pair, the clear iridescent ones, and they are perfect on her ! That’s why I wanna retake that photo. Wow. They’re like a breath of cold air with glitter, wrapped around her feet. Now I wanna go to the fabric store again, in hopes of finding some material to match ! Never mind that I spent most of today wrangling all the fabric I have all around the place…(grin)

And no good feeling without some bad…Today I got a critique on the Barbie gown I altered to fit Clawdeen a couple months back. Said it ‘looks a little frumpy’. Well, that’s his/her opinion, it might look better with the tulle I keep meaning to add to the hemline, but sheesh. Whatever happened to ‘ if ya can’t say something good, keep your bleepin’ mouth shut’ ? There’s lots of people I can hurt, mostly strangers, with my narrow opinions, and there’s a whole bunch of altered MH dolls I really don’t like. Luckily, I know I ain’t everybody, and if it ain’t my cuppa, I keep my yappin’ mouth closed. Sounds like I’m not the only one who could use a mask…at least I only need one at night. (meow)

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  1. Ooo! Can't wait to see the new shoes! Where did you go to order them? Flickr, maybe? I'd dearly love more of the BeeGirl shoes, myself!