Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camaro bumper wall art and Dollar Tree finds !

Current Mood : Starting to think about machine embroidery again...

Didn’t get to sew today – had errands to run in the morning, and vacuuming in the afternoon. Place has to get picked up (especially in the Lego-prone areas) first, before I drag out the Bissell, then everything has to be restored, so it always takes about twice as long as I think it will.

But it was a nice day. Got the few fill-in groceries we needed, and Dearest Son bought some ‘wall art’ with last week’s allowance. When we visited the thrift in the same strip yesterday, he spotted the plastic front ‘bumper’ piece of a Camaro, complete with the name embossed in the center front. Only five bucks, and he thought it’d make a great decoration for his bedroom. He also wants to find some hubcaps. Unfortunately, Beloved Hubby left his drill at work, so he’ll have to wait before it’s hung up, but he knows where he wants it to go, and got it all cleaned up and ready to go.

We also hit Dollar Tree, mostly because I need a better Arena trash can – my last one got repurposed for the bathroom, and what I got to replace it is too small. Works to keep the bathroom cleaning supplies together, though. Got the white mesh wastebasket from the ‘Back To School’ display, and was pleased – especially since I’d seen the same identical one at Target for $2.50. Also got a bag of rice crackers, theirs are delicious ! They come in a bright green bag. Dearest picked out a toy taxi and some Funyuns.

I was really surprised to find Fill in the Blanks With Machine Embroidery in the Books section. I can’t say I’d been looking for it or anything, but for a buck, it’d be nice to have, especially since I liked several of the designs on the included CD. Most of the text is information I’ve already learned , but references are never bad to have, either. Funny that it was published in 2007 – like the publisher’s warehouse held a bunch of books for five years before letting ‘em go to Dollar Tree. They had quite a few niche books, and I hope to peek at them again next week. But I snagged one of their numerous copies of Fill In. It was originally $24.95, which is about average for yer typical machine embroidery books with design CDs. I scooped it up for a dollar !

Once home, and everything was put away and housework was done, I checked mail. I’d won a super-cheap auction for Ultimate Roller Maze Operetta’s outfit and skates, and that came in. Yaay ! Carlin looks great in it ! You’ll see her Friday, and my awesome Jemgirl shoes tomorrow !

Yeah, I finally got the culled fabric bins emptied, and I found a piece of velvet. Or something that’ll hopefully look like velvet when I photograph those shoes !

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