Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tabitha's Beautiful Pattern !

Current Mood : Enjoying the day. Hope you are, too ! 

Here’s a photo of just DracuLaura in yesterday’s velvet dress. The velvet didn’t stretch enough to get it on her, so I cut a closure in the back, which sort of pulled the strap too far over. So I hand-sewed a dart to bring it down a bit, and it looks great. I’m thinking of altering the pattern a bit more, for drapey fabrics that don’t stretch, and see how that goes. It really is a great design – thanks, Tabitha !

Not much else going on today. I really should have sewn, and if I really wasn’t ‘into’ doll clothes today, at least get my long-delayed VA service project going, now that I have the fabric ready to go, but instead, I watched a Hoarding : Buried Alive marathon and kinda just vegged around. Lounged in the pool for a little over an hour, until the wannabe thug resident and the 15+ members of his friends & family took over. I confess, my language isn’t the best, but even I thought theirs was excessive. And I got tired of watching their kids while they blistered ears on their cell phones and inspected their toenails. So we left. At least we’d had some fun before they arrived. Since Mr. Thug stripped down right there at the pool, it’s the first time I’ve seen him without those pants showing about eight inches of underwear. Poor wannabe. He not only looks like an idiot with his underwear showing, but that lame trend is at least two years past the ‘fresh’ date.

Came inside to find that I’d won an eBay auction for a pair of those ‘cat’ shoes from the Create A Monster Witch/Catgirl set. Shipping and all, for just $3.10 ! One of the few pairs of MH shoes I liked but didn’t already have. Bonus - I’d completed a Pinecone survey Thursday, so I had $3. sitting in PayPal. So the shoes cost me a dime. Yaay !

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