Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our next project...Puma Dude !

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We have much happier fish – and a frog and snail ! – today !  But I think that, if my room-mates and I went from a 5 gallon space to a 15 gallon one, I’d feel great to have so much more space to stretch my fins in. Diggy-frog immediately found three or four great places to hide, and the fish have chased each other around and hovered near motionless by turns all day.

Dearest Son wants to pick out his own fish and décor, so we simply found a good space for the ‘old’ tank and set it up. We’ll take him out for fish later this week. I did a survey from yesterday’s pet shop visit, so we have a $3. coupon to spend, too ! I much prefer coupons to contests – I stand a chance of using (‘winning’ !) the coupon. I don’t have a prayer on winning that iPod-a-day drawing, much less the million dollar one I forgot I entered at year’s end.

With that out of the way, I was free to reinvent my table-arena. After scraping off dried fish flakes and odd spills first, though. But it didn’t take long, and within an hour, I had the sewing machines repositioned and the folded-up MH School up where they used to be. At first, I wasn’t sure the table was gonna be big enough for it, but I lucked out and have just enough space. Yaay !

So I grabbed the never-opened plastic bags that held the larger props and started putting them together. The picnic table was very similar to the one that came with the Barbie ‘Manhattan International School’, part of the Generation Girl line, but this one had a ‘woodgrain’ pattern embossed in the ‘wood’ part, complete with a carved ‘DG + CdN’ heart at one corner of the tabletop. Squeee ! The desks are like nothing I’ve ever seen, and fit together only one way. Well, they’ll fit together ‘wrong’ but it soon shows that that little tab should fit in a slot, like it does on the other side…oh, I used the wrong side piece here. Luckily, I tend to keep things a bit loose ‘til I’m sure I got it right ! Wish it came with two more desks and another set of bleachers, though.

This is gonna sound so stupid, but I had a good hour of playing with the school without dolls at all. I reinstalled the fragile staircase, put up the cobwebby things – had to look at my box photos to see where they went ! – and placed everything, noting the little details and tiny treats. Still don’t want the skullie ‘disco ball’ and the pink pumpkins, or the sticker sheet, though. From what I can tell, no one’s ever sold those, so I’ll probably be lucky to get a dollar for ‘em. But it’ll be fun to try !

Oh ! Duck is back ! Later, lovelies ! 

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