Monday, July 23, 2012

Just another maniac Monday...

Current Mood : Miffed. But sleepy. 

(sigh) I’m glad my Sleep Center appointment was early in the day. I had a good chance to forget that they put me in that mask-thing again, the one that freaks me out so badly. I told them on the phone how that thing makes me react, I told them about five seconds before the tech put it on me – ‘cause I saw it laid out – that it would make me totally lose it, but they did it anyway. And, surprise, surprise, I freaked out again. At least this time the tech was standing right there and yanked it off after just a few seconds, but it was enough. (sigh) When I had enough breath and could form sentences again, I screeched loud enough for the stranger-guys moving furniture to peek in, ‘Why the (expletive deleted) did you DO THAT ?!’ . Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son, waiting for me in the lobby, came running. I was so humiliated. I didn’t want my guys to see me like that, I didn’t want to have another episode, ever. I don’t even want to describe my state to you – believe this, if anything, I have very thickly glossed over most of it – but I’ll say it happened, and there it was.

If I freaked the tech out at all, she hid it well. Or she’s used to it. Either way, it was wrong of her. She calmly replied that she needed to know what part of it was causing my distress – the feelings of claustrophobia or the pressure. &^%$, I could have told her that without experiencing it again, and I freakin’ did before she slapped that snorkel from Hades on me. For whatever reason I have deep down, I can’t tolerate anything over my head. Further, if both my nose and mouth are covered, even by a thin sheet, I will come out of a sound sleep to knock it away. The only reason I can handle surgery anesthesia is because it’s only for a few seconds before I’m out.

It was about another ten minutes before my pulse was back down and I was breathing steadily. The nasal pillow device, the reason I was there, worked fine, because it doesn’t cover my mouth. True, I have to keep my mouth closed – imagine having to learn that at 46 ! – but it worked for me. I have another appointment for next month to try it out during a sleep test, and I’ll go…but I swear by all that is holy if anyone EVER comes near me with that CPAP…thing, I’m just going to walk out. I refuse to put myself through that again because some tech has a scientific itch to scratch and doesn’t want to simply listen.

Hmpft. Anyway, otherwise, it was a nice day. The new fishies are doing well, and we came home with an upside down catfish and two male Betta fish, a red Dragontail for Dearest’s tank (he picked him out) and a blue with red traces Halfmoon for ours. Gorgeous fish. We also got a new hidey-hole fake plant for our tank, and some specialty food for Diggy-frog. And I used my survey coupon !

Beloved wanted to do something special for me, so we stopped off for takeout Chinese. I’m happy ! Now if Robecca Steam would just fly by here soon…

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