Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ah, the joys of rental...

Current Mood : Breathing deeper...

I think things are getting better. Beloved Hubby, who doesn't suffer from any of my health concerns, woke up nearly as sick as me today, and after a lot of back-and-forth questions, he cancelled his work day, called DFIL, and headed off to Lowe's. Came back with a new shop vac, more duct cleaners, and a new filter system with a double-filter housing set, and proceeded to take our central air conditioner apart. DFIL picked up Dearest Son early for a visit - and a showing of Cars 2, in the new 3D theater near their home - and to keep him safe from whatever was in that AC unit.

No wonder we're all ill. I don't think that thing's been cleaned since it was installed. Dust was wad-thick, and could be brought out with a hairbrush in clumps. Some of it was so bad, he had to take components outside and clean them there, since he feared making me more sick. It was still early morning, but he worried about me, so he got the fans going in our bedroom and blocked the door from dust entering. Told me to read, sleep, whatever, but to not come out until he was done. I had yet another bad night of insomnia, and fully expected to have more trouble with it, but before I knew it, four hours had passed, and our door was open. I'd actually slept !

And our air conditioning unit was clean. It now had not only new filters, but a whole new system of filtration, and he'd reassembled the cleaned components. He was also mildly worried about how the AC ran all day without stopping, and it pretty much did the same thing today - but tonight, it actually stopped for an hour. Whew. I hope this $130. investment helps our power bill, too - but I already felt better in the house. I was breathing much deeper, although I was still kind of weak.

I figured we'd both still be ill for a day or three, while the gunk in our lungs got swept out, but I could already feel some improvement. Even Beloved said he felt better. I found myself craving fruit and salad, so he took me out for one. The Braum's garden salad is delicious - full of green crunchies and cheese and carrots. Spoiled mine with a small order of fries, though. My appetite is still half what it used to be. When we go out for groceries, I'm gonna snag a bag of apples and oranges. When my system makes demands for fresh food, it's best to listen. Especially since its normal requests lean more towards corn chips and sour cream and onion dip.

Beloved took several photos - this is the one least likely to make you lose your salad ! - to show our landlord. It's still hard to believe, but there's the evidence. (shudder) Not counting the time, we spent serious money on this project - but it's still cheaper than an ER visit ! 


  1.'s a wonder you all weren't sicker earlier. A picture is worth a million words in this case. I wonder if the previous tenants had any air issues? Thank goodness you guys figured out the problem

  2. Your husband is such a good guy. I'm glad he took care of you and the air conditioner. Who knows what you were inhaling. Pictures will also be good in case your problem continues and you have to move or get treatment for something. Some people don't realize you should get the system cleaned every year.