Monday, June 6, 2011

Insomnia Deluxe

Current Mood : With a side-order of no energy.

Current Image Notes : This is an album by Ben Lee. Have no idea who he is or what he sings, but I really like it !

Whoo. Heckuva last week or so. Still having major sleep issues, and with that big ole no-energy issues - it's not only hard to write anything interesting about how I sat around watching American Pickers episodes, it was hard to sit upright long enough to write that one simple sentence. Last night, I dreamt some nebulous thing was trying to kill me in my sleep, so I stayed up all night. You'd think I'd get some prime writing time in - or at least dress a few dolls, but when there's maybe two hours of sleep between you and the last 36 hours, oddly, ya don't feel like doing much. Even with the inhaler, I'm basically a slug, and have been for about two weeks now.

Still, I really should have dropped a short note in. Didn't mean to worry anyone, but when yer too wiped out to even cut/paste an already-written entry and image, you probably need to take yourself out of as many outgoing social engagements as possible, no matter how lightly taxing they may be.

But I feel some energy returning, and just in time to do battle with yet another round of Prescription Wars, so that was today's 'Must Do'. (sigh) And yes, there's issues. The refills I already had on file are fine, the one I have on file but haven't had filled yet is AWOL. Even though I called last week and was reassured it was there, now that I'll need it soon, it's gone. Arrrgh.

Here's the deal. On my last Dr. visit, nearly a year ago, they kindly gave me enough freebies of the expensive script to last nearly a year, but they also wrote out the script and it was submitted to the pharmacy with the others. I got one set of refills - minus the $$$ one - before the pharm lost all my scripts, and they had to be called in again. Got two more sets, still not needing the $$$ one, all's well, except now potassium isn't $4./month, it's now $20. And still, no one can tell me why. But anyway.

We moved, and I got a set of refills, but while I didn't need the $$$ one, I verified it was there waiting. So, of course, now that I need it, it's gone. They only show the one that expired in 2010. (sigh) Pharm is supposed to call when they find the correct one, or when the Dr. authorizes a refill again. I'm sure they love me at the Dr.'s office right now. They're probably still growly about the inhaler kerfluffle.

Speaking of the new inhaler, it still works very well, and I don't think it's the reason I'm morphing into Jabba the Hutt's green-eyed sister. About two years ago, I had a similar spring/summer, and about all I could do was ride it out. At least now, I got Netflix for entertainment ! The directions aren't just whistling around when they tell ya to clean the thing weekly, either. Evidently, the finer mist clogs easily, and it doesn't take much before you're getting only part of a dose instead of a whole one. Luckily, a water rinse and a quick scrub with a cotton swab takes care of business. And I can already tell by pressure, scent, and taste when I'm not getting all I should. It's amazing how quickly we adjust.

Well, not much else to write about. Got some laundry done today, including two new-to-us pillows from a job site. Homeowners are sprucing up their place to sell it, and that always involves going through the closets and thinning the herds. The lady of the house kindly offered the still-in-plastic pillows to Beloved a few days ago, but I just today had the energy for laundry, and those were first on the list. Well, them and socks and underwear. It's been a bit since I washed clothes... Anyway, they came out great and I can't wait to try them out. They're quite firmer than what either of us are used to, but maybe it'll help me sleep a bit better. Can't hurt to try !

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