Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can you believe...I bought a Barbie today ? Also, The Best Family Cookout EVER !!!

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I'm running a day behind, so thanks for bearing with me. Massive thunderstorm cancelled Beloved Hubby's plans, so we got some extra sleep, got Simba/Oliver bathed and picked, had a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, and sort of frittered. DFIL and the family wanted to celebrate a completed backyard cleanup - they really got a lot done back there, and it's looking like a start to a photo shoot of suburban backyards now ! - with a full-on cookout, and we were invited ! Much better than the Taco Bell dinner plans we were contemplating - my BIL and Uncle T. are fantastic cooks who grow their own herbs. This was bound to be an epicurean delight !

But first, we stopped at a local Army surplus store to scout a particular shirt Beloved wanted. I like going there, the staff is all family and very nice. There's dogs to visit with, and they love any attention they get without being demanding. I was happy to see the disabled young lady frequently behind the counter had a haircut similar to mine, she looked so pretty with her dark fluffy hair and ruffled yellow blouse that I told her so. She made happy sounds and waved to me, not something she always does. So I was thrilled we'd gotten to go - and that shirt is International Male-level sexy on my Beloved ! So glad we bought it.

Of course, making a suggestion to hit the thrift down the street was an easy pitch, so we texted DFIL that we'd be on our way shortly, since it was still kinda early for supper - did they need anything ? Nope, just us, they were glad we were coming.

Dearest Son found a stuffed tiger he liked, nearly right inside the door, but I had a harder time of it. Someone'd dumped a whole collection of Barbie's friend Teresa, but there wasn't any I wanted or didn't already have. However, I did find a really lovely Malibu PJ, with that classic Steffie face - too bad it was on a chewed-to-heck body. And I'd already winnowed my Malibu collection....hrf. What to do, what to do...? Ended up carrying PJ around - 'while I made up my mind', you understand - and ended up bringing her home. I couldn't resist her near-perfect face paint, or the Mommy-made dress, much better than most of mine. If it weren't for the outsized print and largish elastic at the sleeve cuffs, it could easily have been Mattel-made. Even though I'm not as 'into' Barbie as I was, I can't resist a rehab case, or a lovely Malibu, or a great Steffie, especially when I get all that in one doll for less than $3. I'm sure a body upgrade will find its way to me soon.

What was slightly ironic is that, for the same price, I could have obtained an out-of-box 2009 Holiday Barbie, a platinum Model Muse in a slightly rumpled but completely intact, 'Barbie Collector' tagged, big fluffy pink gown. Her hair and earrings seemed barely disturbed, either, but I forgot to check for shoes - 'cause I knew I wasn't buying her. Wow. Someone paid, like forty bucks for her not two years ago, and here she is in a thrift store.

While I perused books - nothing this week ! - Beloved wanted to show me these camouflage ballerina flats he'd found. Cute shoes ! I liked the digital camo on rip-stop fabric print, and the little silver buckles were just the right shiny touch. What size were they ? Turned out they fit my wide pods, so they came along, too. Examining the soles later showed that they were worn maybe twice before. Some slight side scuffs, no heel wear at all. Score ! Wore them to dinner at the family compound (giggle) and I think they fit better than the ones I wore when we left our place.

The rest of the evening was heavenly. It was just getting cooler and the coals were nearly perfect - you could smell the mesquite for two blocks. Our menu included fresh and grilled squash, home-made hamburgers, juicy bratwurst, hand-made marinade chicken, baked beans, and salad, with watermelon for dessert. I ate more tonight than I've eaten in weeks - my tummy is still protesting, but only lightly. 

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