Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spinach is nice, but it didn't seem to grant me super powers...(sigh) Cartoons lie...

Current Mood : Happily on the sofa with Beloved. (content sigh)

Beloved Hubby had a salad craving of his own tonight, so we did a short grocery run. We're both still tired and weak, and now understand the appeal of grocery delivery. Too bad no one here does that.

Discovered that the odd dark curved pieces in the one I had from Braum's the other day were spinach leaves. I ate 'em, of course, they were actually kind of tasty. So far, I've had spinach three times I didn't know about until afterward - once on a pizza, one in pasta, and now a salad. Got a nice bag of apples and oranges, and some corn chips for me. I'm set for the rest of the weekend ! Believe this or not, I just yesterday polished off a bag of potato chips - that'd been open for three days ! Normally, I'll empty one of those suckers in two days flat. Four days is unheard of, but again, my appetite is still AWOL. I eat, I pretty much have to, my meds will make me very ill very fast if taken on an empty stomach, but I don't snack or nibble like I used to. And I really don't look forward to what's next to eat anymore. I'm pretty much down to a meal and a half a day now, with maybe a handful of popcorn or some hard candy for my throat. I doubt I've lost weight, since a fast-food salad still has all the calories of a burger, but I am enjoying what I do eat a bit more.

(grin) I just remembered...back when Dearest Son was still natal, and things hadn't hit the fan yet, about all I could eat was salads. Beloved would buy a big, huge $3. bag of greens, a variety of croutons, meat bits, cheeses, and the like, and I'd mix up whatever I wanted to eat that day. I ate at least two a day, adding eggs and bacon bits and good bread, too. Ended up so sick of salad that, aside from a few restaurant visits, I really haven't craved salad since. Guess I really was sick - and I really hope Beloved isn't for much longer !

Beloved has an Airsoft training day scheduled for tomorrow, but he's not sure if it's going off or not. First, he's still mildly ill, second, it's gonna be 100 degrees with 45mph wind gusts fairly early on. Honestly, even if he decides to go on with it, I'm not sure how many others will show up.

But for now, we're on the sofa, watching silly Netflix movies. I need to write them - while we'll have some movies for *forever*, others come and go in a blink. It'd help if 'flix could tell us when a show's about to vanish, so we can make sure to watch it, instead of seeing Hot Tub Time Machine again.

Today's little heart-secret : It ranks to be so sick, but it's been nice to have the weekend with Beloved ! 

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  1. I have Netflix too, and they usually have a date on items that are temporary. It's usually the STARS movies that are temporary, but they usually come back for viewing over time. I wish they had a schedule of when so people can plan for it. Maybe they do, I'll have to Google it. :-)