Friday, June 24, 2011

Post-apocalyptic doll collecting - my dreams are such a nightmare zone...

Current Mood : I scare m'self sometimes...

Things are continuing to improve - the air conditioning now does switch off on occasion - ever since we turned it on in late May, it's pretty much run nonstop. Our bills aren't too high yet, but the worst is coming, so I'm glad we took care of things now. I had weird Jericho / Monster High fusion dream-nightmares - in a world where food is scarce, collectable dolls get fought over, viciously ! - that I was glad to awaken from, but I still carried 'em around all day. Imagine how much worse it'd be if I actually wanted a Spectra Vondergeist doll !

Ironically, Dearest's client cancelled on him today, saying her house was sick, too. Nausea, exhaustion, headaches, lethargy. Now I'm starting to wonder if it was just the AC, or there's more going on. Regardless, as predicted, we were both still tired and weak, so we mostly loafed on the sofa and watched Jericho episodes on Netflix. Perhaps you remember that series, a guy goes home for a day and gets stuck there because he picked the one day nuclear strikes hit the US. We got through most of the first season, which reminded me of Mr. Barefoot, one of my high-school teachers.

Ostensibly he taught history, but I learned a lot more from him. Every year, he did a week where he detailed what would happen if a nuke was dropped at the Hardees' restaurant about four miles from the school. My classmates didn't let this bother them, but I spent most of the following lunch period in an isolated study carrel in tears, trying to get m'self back in order to get through the rest of the day. It can be argued that such intense scare tactics were uncalled for, but remember, this was 1983. And, frankly, I did need it. Thanks to Mr. Barefoot, that was the day I finally learned to think. When lessons weren't something to just be regurgitated for a test. When information mattered and was worth keeping. When I learned to look around and see, not just dismiss everything that didn't directly affect me in that second. Professor Tuck taught much the same way, and these are the two men I admire most in this world. That I'm not married or related to, that is !

Dearest Son enjoyed Cars 2 today, although the adult reviews have been far less kind. He got to wear the special glasses and everything, and had a great time. DFIL had another question for us...would we like a kitten ? Sweet little marmalade, six weeks old. Well... I was resistant. What about DC ? What about my allergies ? What about...this adorable photo of a sweet orange tabby curled up adoringly in Dearest's lap ? (sigh) Call me an all-day sucker, and I'll answer. We get to meet 'Simba' on Sunday. Neighbors were fostering the little furball, and they can evidently target a soft touch a county away. Dearest knows that kitty can't stay if I wheeze, though. Here's hoping. As for DC, I haven't seen his "dine and dash" hinder in two days. Here's hoping it works out, too. 

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  1. :-( That's so sad to hear about DC. I hope he's since come back. I hate to think of cats just disappearing because it's usually not good news. So here's hoping. And I hope things worked out with the new kitten.