Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Story Time !

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Current Image Notes : Nope, don't even have this set, won't ever -  if you knew what it sells for, your jaw would drop ! Cute but not my bag - more inside !

Got a call from the Dr.'s office - they approved a 30-day refill of the expensive medicine, and it should be ready later today. That's all I was allowed anyway, so next month, I get to go back for another office visit. I'm hoping I can ask DFIL for some transportation help with that, since I doubt Beloved Hubby can take the time off work for it.

And I forgot to tell ya'll - remember back a few weeks, when Beloved bought me DracuLaura's coffin/jewelry box bed ? He said he had an interesting exchange during the purchase that he'd forgotten to tell me about. The young cashier noted the MH logos curiously, and asked Beloved if his kids liked them, he told her it was for his wife, to go with her ever-expanding MH doll collection. She then explained to him, in detail, why the Mezco 'Living Dead Dolls' that she and her mother collect are sooo much better - and yes, she did go on about collectability and series numbers, how long the dolls have been available in the market, the usual BS that most of us use (or used at one point in our collecting lives) to justify buying toys for ourselves when we're old enough to understand what an annuity is, and why lotteries are A Bad Idea.

Beloved was nonplussed. Exactly what was he supposed to do with this information ? Return the bed he just bought, and all the MH stuff besides, because a Mal-Wart cashier prefers stuff her store has never sold ? Frankly, given M-W's censorship track record, I'm amazed they sell MH dolls at all, given how easily some parents could be offended by them. But I digress. I'm all for liking stuff that's different, but I'm still trying to figure out why she needed him to know a buttload of info about dolls he figures I don't care about, right at that moment. I mean, if I cared one whit about LDDs, he'd know about it, 'cause I never shut up easily about anything I favor. (grin)

In the end, he nodded and smiled, and walked away while she was still talking. He hated to be so rude, he told me, but he had to get my new surprise hidden while I was still in line for the inhaler, and as far as he was concerned, he'd never heard of LDD or Mezco, and this chick's insistence made him even less interested. He asked me if I'd ever done 'street preaching' like that about the MH line, but he knew I hadn't. Heck, most of the time, I'm defending my choices from cashiers who comment that Deuce is 'femmy' or having to get past sneering staff who question why anyone would want 'that wicked stuff' in the first place. These are the folk I'd really love to show a Living Dead Dolls catalog to ! They'd probably combust.

Funny thing is, yeah, I already knew about LDD. They've been around since 2000, and are easily found in comic shop-type venues and flea market 'collectable' booths. They just never 'caught' with me, mostly for the same reason Madame Alexander dolls don't grab me either. It's usually the same doll, over and over and over, just the outfits, hair, and sometimes makeup change. Ever seen the Alexander Star Wars set ? It's cute as heck, if you don't mind that the only thing that separates Luke and Han from Leia is that her mouth is painted smaller than theirs. The fellas are nearly identical, save for hair color. Heck, the three I've seen even gave Luke the same brown eyes Han & Leia have. Error !

LDDs probably have several head/body molds in use, but when you see a bunch together, it's like a Madame Alexander display - you can't help but notice they all look the same, even though this one's dripping blood down her dress and that one has an 8-ball for an eye. I'm sure they're quality dolls, but I'm simply not interested in paying big bucks for the same doll over and over again in slightly varying appearances. One of the things I like about MH is that, so far, no two dolls have had the same head mold. And while it bugs me sometimes, I kinda respect that each one has his/her own wardrobe style that often doesn't look 'right' on another doll. Get a bunch of nude, mussed-hair LDDs or Alexanders in a pile, and you'd probably be hard-pressed to identify which one wore the Marie Antoinette gown and which one was the executioner.

Not much else going on, so I'm gonna post this early before I get drained. Dearest Son and Beloved are so patient with me, but I'm tired of being tired already. Maybe I'll generate some energy if I use some. Can't hurt - much !

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