Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not dead yet, but not really getting better, either...

Current Mood : Worried. 

I'm percolating an idea. Thinking that maybe, if I make 'Forbitten Romance' DracuLaura a nice dress, maybe I can trade her for a set of 'Dead Tired' Ghoulia's clothes and glasses. That way, I'd have what I want without having to buy another doll, and I'd actually be finding one a new home, all for much cheaper than simply buying a DT doll. After all, Priority mailing a doll would only be five or six bucks - a DT doll retail is $14.50.

I'm also giving real thought to the 'who would go / who will stay' question that's haunting my Monster High-obsessed mind. Thing is, some of 'em, I almost *have* to keep. All three Clawdeens for instance. Each one - basic, Dawn of the Dance, and Gloom Beach - has a completely unique hand mold. And I enjoy having all three. Cleo has two, as does DracuLaura and Frankie. I'd have only bought two of the Gloom Beach cuties if it hadn't been for those exciting hands ! And it looks like Classroom 'Home Ick' Frankie has new hands. So far, Lagoona and Ghoulia just have one. Whew ! Of course, I can always put the 'blah' hands on the doll I least want and find her a new home, and keep the cool hands I like...

Anyway. Since you got 'Crew 2', the ghouls in the Sewing Arena yesterday, today you get 'Crew 1', everybody what's on my desk. These are all Basics, first editions of each character, whatever else they're called. These are the ones pretty much guaranteed to not go anywhere besides the Arena and back. What can I say, I'm always sentimental, I still remember Beloved Hubby bringing DracuLaura, Lagoona, and Frankie home - he went all out for me. So those dolls are mine forever !  

Hm. I really need to do a 'hand inventory' of all the MH girls. With photos. Might be an interesting side-note to the line's history.'s not gonna be right now. I swear, I'm getting sicker. This morning, it was all I could do to get up, keep up with Dearest Son, and make sure both of us got showers. I have no idea what's wrong, other than Spring's kicking my butt. Thing is, by this time, it's normally over, not getting worse ! Beloved Hubby's being very understanding, but the house looks like heck, and I'm not able to do much besides sleep and think of what I should be doing, and what I want to do.

Still can't sleep much at night, but I think I've figured out the 'always wake up at around 2am' thing, though. It's not good. I can sleep for a few hours, but I wake up in a panic around 2am - last night, I had to fight to breathe for a few seconds, which is scary as anything. I honestly don't know what to do, but hope things get better soon.

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