Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleeping is the sweetest when you haven't been able to in a while...

Current Mood : Hopeful

I think we're on the 'safe' side of ill now. I actually slept for several hours last night - only woke up once, and went right back to sleep. The inhaler's reverted to a safety blanket from a desperate measure in the last two days. Got up for a bit with Beloved Hubby as he got ready for Airsoft, and fell right back asleep 'til nearly 11am.

Devoured the most delicious orange in the universe and lazed around, plotting and planning. While I have a birthday coming up, it's gonna be on the quiet side. Don't think a huge, sugary cake is a good idea right now, honestly. And since the Monster High dolls I want aren't due out 'til mid-July or even August, we're gonna keep to the plan of having cash readily available to order them, tucked away in PayPal or House Checking, when they are released. In its own way, that's kind of exciting. 

But I can always find something to be aggravated over, too. When Toy A is only available on eBay and certain overpriced dealers (coughAngelicDreamzHork - sorry, guess I'm still a bit under the weather !), and even the manufacturer doesn't have them listed at their own Company Store, it's nearly impossible to find out what the actual retail price is or will be. I like the 'Day at the Maul' fashion pack, but when it's $30. at High Price Boutique and $27. plus $10. shipping on eVilBay, how can you tell what it'll be at Mal-Wart and Target in the next week or two ? Frankly, I kinda thought the Barbie three-pack outfits, shoes, and a prop or two was a bit overpriced at $12. to $14., but it looks like the 'Maul' set really will be around $20. True, there are more props and such, but if anything, the outfits are Barbie-quality sewing, and there's no way to really mix and match the pieces. If it turns out to retail at about twenny bucks, I'll be somewhat less than impressed. Now, $15. or a buck or two higher seems almost reasonable, but any more than that, and I can't help but feel gouged for shoes.

Having said that, I'm now waiting to be told that I should just be glad and overjoyed that Mattel's decided to sell two whole outfits without dolls - and I should be thrilled to pay a 'with doll' price premium anyway ! Mattel doesn't owe me anything, ya know !

Sorry. My soda seems to be making me a shade bitter. We had to buy the name-brand last night, and I'm so used to the generic, it's throwing me a bit off. It's also hard to plan how much to put aside for the three 'locker' dolls I want when again, I have no idea what MSRP will be. Ah, well.

Filled and took out two bags of trash between the time I woke up and Beloved came back home. He was already suffering from heat stress, although he'd bowed out of the last Airsoft game. We watched a movie then I urged him to take a nice nap. Three hours later, he was cooler but still a bit edgy, so we had a leftover smorgasbord dinner and some quiet time. The house is comfy without being cold, and I'm breathing - life is gooood !

I'm hoping to sew tomorrow - make a simple shirred sundress for 'Forbitten Romance' DracuLaura, and offer her in trade for some red Ghoulia glasses via the FaceBook group. Or, just make a sundress, since I've been wanting to experiment with shoulder straps. Haven't done those before, and goss knows I got plenty of ribbon to play with. I'm kind of hoping I can score the glasses cheaply, 'cause that's how I roll. As adorable as the new DLaura is, I already have two that are just as cute, and I think Clawd's already chosen Basic as his steady ghoul-friend.

Not much else going on, and it's nearly sleepy-time again. I'm yawning, imagine that ! I think Beloved's watching Surrogates, which looks like a fairly big-budget sci-fi movie, so I think I'll grab the Pringles and join him. Hope your Sunday was fun, but not overheated !

PS - No Dearest Son or marmalade kitten today. DFIL's truck blew a tire in the heat, and Dearest is having fun playing Angry Birds with his Grand-dad, so he won't be home 'til tomorrow. Promise new-kitty photos as soon as possible ! But I'm really missing our son...

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  1. I agree with you about the price. I actually feel the set shouldn't be more than 12 dollars because any full Barbie outfit is easily 6 or more dollars and you have more fabric in that outfit. So less fabric should equal less money. But we all know life isn't logical. LOL! So I guess we'll wait and see and keep our fingers crossed. :-)