Thursday, March 17, 2016

Perhaps not surprisingly, the car boasting this amazing image also bore three major dents. Litigation pending, perhaps ?

And yes, the original (I deleted the names) had that (c) TM mark.
Still rather tight-chested, have been all day, but I’ve given up fighting and just take the medicine when I need it – and I’m darn grateful I have it and the nebulizer. Did a little research and it’s very common for those of us with breathing issues to see them ramp up with seemingly no explanation (I was worried my heart was worsening) in Spring, mostly due to pollen reactions and barometric pressure dropping before a storm. Did’ja know that when the barometer drops, there’s actually less oxygen in the air ? Makes it almost as hard to get what you need out of it as massive humidity. Potentially knowing what’s causing the issue reduced my tension quite a bit, and makes it easier for me to be in the right mental spot to take the medicine I try to avoid.

FIL’s appointment went well enough, I hope – I was just glad to have it done before noon. Turns out the ‘local’ medical center (not the hospital) is nearly as long a drive as it is to OldTown ! But the valet guys were cute, and it was nice to have a non-family member smile at me. I think they were glad Emmy-car was just dropping off – so few folks these days can drive a stick.

Got my Arena cleaned up – not a lot you can do when sitting in a chair is about it for activity that doesn’t make ya wheeze – but I hope to sew tomorrow. Maybe SG Elsa’s shoes, so she can be donated, and another test of her simple shift dress with my minor alterations. Gosh knows I got the fabric for it, I can use velvet if I want to ! I already have tomorrow’s lunch ready – marinated teriyaki chicken over steamed rice, leftovers from tonight’s dinner. I can’t do much, but quick, simple dinners I can tough my way through !


  1. Take it easy and don't hesitate to take your medicine until the weather is on your side.
    Didn't know about barometric pressure at all.
    Where I live homes are weatherproofed to the hilt,when the heating is working full blast the air inside is quite dry but in spring and fall when the weather gets warm enough for the heating to stop working full time the humidity from activities like cooking, doing the laundry accumulates and it feels like living in a sauna. You can only open the windows for so long to let the humidity out since it's still a bit cold.And this winter was spring-like so I've been pretty much sleeping seated to breathe comfortably for months.

  2. Hope you're taking it easy and I hope you get back to feeling well quickly!

    My neighbor gave me quite a bit of stretchy velvet a while back. It's just been sitting in the closet because I have had no idea what to do with it. So I'm anxious to see what you come up with.

  3. I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Quote Of The Day Challenge. If you would like to participate, post one quote a day to your blog for three days. Then nominate three bloggers each day to take the challenge. I hope you are doing well.
    Signed, Treesa

  4. Hey Dorrie! I wasn't sure if you'd heard or not, but Hancock Fabrics has been bought by another company, and all the stores and closing out. The lady at our local-ish store guesstimated that they would be open until June, but starting now everything's 20% off and more! Great chance to pick up embroidery supplies!

  5. Dorrie,

    Haven't seen you on here for a while. Hope things are going well for you, and that you and the family are doing alright!

    Presto, is your Handcock's going out of business or are all of them going out? I assume we live in different places, but I haven't been to the one near me in quite a while. If it is closing, I am going to have to go before and stock up. Thanks for the heads up!