Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Used another of the Swanky Prints backdrops, too !

I was admiring the daffodils in our neighbors’ yards while watching the squirrels’ morning antics with the robins and blue jays. Our side neighbor has pale yellow ones, our back has the ones with orange cups and yellow blades. Sort of wished we had some. I think they grow from bulbs, so it’s amazing anyone has any, with all the wildlife around here. We saw ‘possums in the backyard last night, and S., who lives about two miles away, has trouble with deer and rabbits munching on her garden.

So when one of the embroidery companies I monitor showed a pretty daffodil pencil topper design, with a discount for their e-mail fans, I went for it. Only to discover that I don’t really have yellow felt ! I have a cut of very pale, almost beige yellow that I got as part of an Etsy lot, so I used that. The top embroidered part is actually a two-level applique -  the ‘cup’ part is overlaid on the blades, so I can mix and match both threads and felt colors, any way I want. I went with one color, both in felt and thread, to test, but it still looks OK. Beloved Hubby thought it was a daisy, but I like it. And yellow felt is now on my shopping list.

It felt really good to make something for a change ! I know I’ve been busy buying stuff and shopping lately, but I think that’s about to end. I got too much to create to keep going out ! That said, I promised to take Dearest Son to TRU tomorrow, as Game Day got cancelled . . .

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