Saturday, March 12, 2016

Quiet, yet joyful, Saturday.

Quiet joys today. Got all of the bills due paid – yaaay ! – and played with some of my new dolls. The shoes that came with the poppy dress didn’t fit Miyako’s flatter feet, so I replaced them. Dress is a bit loose, but I imagine it’s very tight on most other dolls ! I still think she looks great in it.

As mentioned before, I’m keeping Frozen Fever Elsa, and Snow Glow now rests in her box as a sort of kid Lady Godiva. On the agenda for tomorrow – making her new clothes and shoes so I can donate her. It may seem silly to donate her in another doll’s box, but hey, I figure that’ll help her sell a lot more than just a redressed doll tossed in a charity bin. Even if I can’t keep her, I do owe her as much luck in obtaining a new, delighted home as possible. Plus, it’s a really great box ! Hate to just flatten and trash it, when it might help get SG a happy home.

To that end, I went diggin’ through my LDP pattern files, and discovered they were in sad shape. Many didn’t have accompanying photos, and several were scattered – the pattern was under this name here, the image under a different name, the direction under yet another. So I took a little time to get it all together, find photos for some freebies I got so long ago, I don’t remember where they came from, and selected a simple dress I’ve yet to attempt. I probably won’t cut it to accommodate her massive necklace, but I’ll probably use at least one of the several snowflake-themed fabrics I’ve somehow mysteriously been hoarding for some strange reason over the last two years.

Dearest Son decided he wanted to spend some of his paycheck (obtained by working with Beloved Hubby last week) on a pizza party for lunch. He carefully calculated how much the video games he wants would cost, then allocated the remainder to fund today’s culinary interests. Once in the store, he also weighed several options before deciding on how best to spend the funds, and it was kind of rewarding to see that in action. I got a few needs and wants while we were there (not much cherry-picking this week, we’re packed full from previous, better sales), but it was fun to take our time and wander around.

Since I had some awesome crackers from the Aldi’s run, I splurged on a can of spray cheese, and introduced Dearest to cheese flowers. Didn’t eat much, as I’d forgotten how salty it is. I shoulda got that turkey leg instead !

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