Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ever think you'd see an MH-themed Easter Basket ?

I still don't know how they filled it without any dolls, but they did !

Dearest Son was thrilled with me – the video game I found at the thrift yesterday, Gran Turismo 4, was one of the games on his ‘gonna buy’ list for $7. I think I see another pizza party coming up this weekend ! He bragged about it all during Game Day. (sigh) Next time, I’m taking a book. The Mommy Klatch sat at the table behind me, although the table where I sat was completely empty save for me. I actually had to move, as ‘their’ table filled up, and they were making seats at the ends. (expletive deleted) it.

At least we weren’t there long. And Hobby Lobby was a blast. Dearest spent the funds he had allocated for video games on new markers, and he’s already used and proclaimed himself in love with them. As for me, I snagged a cheep divided plastic box (for sixth-scale doll shoes), a slightly outdated McCalls pattern catalog, a big ‘beach fun’ themed tub of Perler beads for an upcoming project (that’s where the 40% off coupon went), some yellow felt (the thrift bag only had one piece of that color), and a little bag of ‘bubbles’. Those are iridescent half-orbs in varying sizes that’ll look great glued to a lucky doll’s clothing, and hopefully will be soon.  

I have the doll shoes organized, sort of – they’ve been assigned rows and cubes of the rows, but I haven’t verified that both shoes of a pair are in the same cube yet. I had no idea I owned so many pairs and colors of Barbie ballet shoes. To think, I once had three of those boxes, even bigger. They were in one of those kids’ plastic school supply boxes, but it was a cram, and it took me a while to find matching pairs. Not so much of an issue anymore !

We’re home tomorrow – I gotta get these bags and still-boxed dolls sorted out and put where they belong before I can’t walk in here anymore !


  1. MH Easter Basket,hmmm. Is that part of the plan to make MH cuter? I hope this doesn't go the way of making Bratz more parent friendly and ruin everything.

    1. You and me both. But I haven't bought anything MH in a while, so. . .