Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Midge eyes the latest Chez Insanity acquisition. . .

Pretty happy today. Meant to get to bed early last night, in hopes of making up all my missing sleep, but then I got stupid. I thought, ‘Wonder if there’s new Star Wars fanfiction out’, and there went an hour and a half. Dropped right off once I shambled upstairs, though, so at least I got some rest. Beloved Hubby made us coffee, perfectly warm and sweet – just like him ! - but I was still a bit over-tired. I’d have gone back to bed, but I had to make up for everything I didn’t get done yesterday. Starting with a nice, cozy shower.

Got bills paid, old library books returned and new ones checked out, and took Dearest Son to Mal-Wart for his prescription. Ours has most of the new Barbie body dolls, but none of the ‘curvy’ or ‘petite’ ones, they’re either very shortpacked or simply picked clean. I did snag a free leaflet-style catalog of them, and cracked the color code, checked again, still none of the rare ones were in evidence. Now I know what packaging color to look for ! Remembered to snag that poppy-print dress I liked last time, but that was it for toys. Dearest is saving up for video games, and didn’t find anything either, but we had a nice leisurely morning looking around. Got a markdown ‘four flavors’ cake and some other necessaries.

You know I’m tired when I’d rather sleep than eat, especially when there’s fresh treats in Chez Insanity, but that’s exactly what happened. Beloved was home in time to wake me for a late lunch, and I munched on leftover steak. Not sure what he had – Dearest had the frozen pizza we bought today – because I fell asleep again. Seriously, after our errand run, about the only time I was awake today was when it was time to take my prescriptions. I feel pretty good now. Just four more hours ‘til bedtime - and there’s a thunderstorm ! I’m gonna sleep gooood tonight !

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  1. Midge has style.
    Resting will do you good. Take care.