Wednesday, March 16, 2016

That's a lotta felt !

Still having some trouble breathing after what should be minor effort, like climbing the stairs or bringing in a light bag or two of groceries. Not sure why, but albuterol in the nebulizer works great ! I’ve been told I can take a treatment every four hours, but my breathing issues are negligible unless I’m putting forth the effort, so I only use it if I don’t settle after a few minutes’ rest.

Needless to say, that doesn’t make for a very active day. So I sorted that huge bag of felt from Monday’s OldTown thrift trip – I counted over 100 sheets in many colors in there, plus numerous big scraps, a silver hand-embroidery hoop, a baggie full of DMC embroidery thread, three unfinished projects, a hand-sewn hat-shaped felt pincushion, and five magazine-torn pattern/direction pages. Well worth the $4.98 – I’ll probably not ever need to buy more felt for a while – if ever !

The sack of velvet was a steal, too. What I thought was black is actually a very dark brown – with a rose pattern embossed in it ! There must be at least two yards of it, possibly three. Not sure how I’ll use it, those roses are pretty big. The burgundy (about 1 yard, still with a Hancock Fabrics sticker on it) and the green (half-yard) is your plain, stretch velvet, pretty and so rich-feeling. Not bad for $1.48 ! It’d been marked down from $2.98, I’m amazed it was still there.

I still have the fabric bag to sort through, but I can probably get that done in between taking FIL to his appointment tomorrow and picking him up. Just can’t wait.

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  1. Felt rainbow, love it!
    When a print is too big for normal use for dolls I think the only options are to either make it a focal point like you'd see on a Mod dress or to gather it tight in a skirt.
    Or, it might make something pretty for you :-)
    I hope you're feeling better now.