Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy March ! White Rabbit !

Inadvertently took some meds too late last night, so, sleep was not for me. I did get to lie down for a few – Dearest Son took pity on me and cancelled Game Day – and woke up an hour later with screaming leg cramps. They raged in my right calf for twenty minutes, just as one faded, another started, and all I could do was ride the tides. Stretching or contracting didn’t help, neither did raising or lowering the leg. Touching it was out of the question. It was fifteen minutes after that before I could stand. Evidently my potassium’s low again, or my delayed furosemide drained it, either way, the cramps have never been this bad or lengthy before. Maybe I should start keeping some Gatorade and a potato on my nightstand. . .

Made sure to drink plenty of water and replenished my potassium and calcium. But everything I had planned for today has been postponed. I mostly just relaxed and made sure my meds were back on schedule. Can’t put m’self through that again !

Ordered the Dragon boots for the Star Wars guys. They’re due to arrive next Friday, but we’ll see. Let’cha know if they fit !

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  1. I hope you're doing better this sounds both painful and scary.Big hug.