Monday, March 14, 2016

Tons 'o Stuff Monday !

I had so many plans for the day – but I’m glad that it worked out the way it did. We all overslept, and I was still tired. So tired, in fact, that I bagged my trip to Michael’s, preferring to nap and remain at home to just relax alone (Dearest Son and Beloved Hubby were working together today) before it was time to take the ILs to their monthly doctor visit. Besides, who knew what I’d find in the OldTown thrift during the wait ?

‘The wait’ took over three hours, which is unusually long for them. I ended up hitting two thrifts, a grocery store, and a drug store, and still sat in the parking lot for a while with a no-cal drink and mixed nuts. I’d had major scores at the thrifts, but didn’t know what was with all the kids. Usually, I nearly have the thrifts to m’self, with maybe five or six other customers. Beloved’s texts reminded me that it’s Spring Break week.

My favorite thrift snagged me bagloads – the smallest one held 15 stretchy book covers (or stretchy fabric for doll clothes !), the larger ones included one of nothing but all colors of felt, another held yards of green, burgundy, and midnight blue velvets, a third was all gold trims and ribbon reels, and the fourth was all miscellaneous fabrics, including white-on-white stars, pretty harvest orange prints, and numerous florals including purple morning glories and green vines on a navy background. Snagged a cheep purse that I may use as a purse or as a strap for the green bag I got there last time, not sure yet. I also found Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation 2 for just $3., and it’d never been opened ! Dearest was thrilled.

The other thrift teemed with squealing, running kids. It was like they’d been given $10. and were told to stay there ‘til they decided how best to spend it, as hardly any of the short-statured horde was accompanied by adults, even at the registers. Yet, ironically, at this store that never has toys – just overpriced ‘collectables’ – my one find was a very dirty Ever After High Hunter Huntsman doll. He’s still in his issue wear, minus his jacket, satchel, and stand, and his shirt’s been replaced. Haven’t identified the shirt’s donor, there’s no tag, but it fits well and quite resembles his original. Found a clone of it on AliExpress, so it’s probably from a Ken ensemble. At first, I decided to get him for his neat boots, but since his feet are probably the same size as MH guys’, it’s doubtful I can use ‘em for the Star Wars guys. So, in the end, I got him for him. He fits in well with the MH crew.

I’d planned for lunch at Arby’s, too, but decided I wouldn’t have the time. (snort) Instead, especially after I spent about $30. on all that, so when I got tired of wandering around stores, I enjoyed my snack and the last half-hour in the doctor’s parking lot. Beautiful day for it. FIL came out mad as a drenched cat, muttering that he was finding another doctor, with MIL unsuccessfully urging him to calm down. I’d planned on getting them sodas (and stopping for the bathroom), but he told me he just wanted to go straight home.

Ended up taking them to the cheep tobacco store then the Burger King drive-through (where they over-spent and I had to pick up the balance, and I didn’t even get anything, sigh). MIL would like for me to install Skype on my computer (I have no use for it at all), then take them to the library and loan them my computer to talk to BIL and family – tragically, I think my very ancient laptop is too weak to meet minimum requirements. I have to take FIL to another appointment Thursday, which is at least local. MIL then wondered if I had any plans tomorrow. Oh, heck, yes. I reminded them of Game Day, then BS’ed some afternoon call I have to take about my own medical care. I desperately need at least ‘til Thursday to detox before I gotta drive ‘em all over the  place again. I plan to be so very broke by then, which I kinda already am.

I can’t wait to go to bed ! It'll probably be Wednesday before I get to dig through all I bought !


  1. What a busy day! Your finds sound great and useful though and he's a cutie.

  2. Pretty sure it's a Ken shirt. I think I have the outfit that it came with.

    Ha, they're an entitled couple of knuckleheads aren't they? If BIL and his wife are so awesome (and actually WANT to talk to them), maybe they'd help out with getting them a computer.