Thursday, March 10, 2016

Darn your great sales, TRU !! (shakes angry, broke fist to the heavens)

Have you seen this adorable X-Men / Rainbow Brite mashup yet ? It was all the rage yesterday.

Okay, Okay. (sigh) Time to address my hypocrisy. After all my chatter about how much fun making that daffodil was, and how I needed to quit buying stuff, I took Dearest Son to TRU today. And came home with not one, not two, but three dolls ! Well, the one is still fairly rare and had my curiosity, the other I’ve wanted for yet another body swap ever since Toy Box Philosopher reviewed her last November, and the third was just so pretty with her hazel eyes and brown hair and on an incredible sale, then they were all 25% off (all Barbies and accessories, sale good through Saturday !) on top of all that. Long story short (too late !), between sales and my $5. Rewards certificate, I brought home $65. worth of toys for $36. Whoo-hoo !

Actually, it was close to being four dolls – I fell in love with an Asian ‘Style Glam Night’ doll, too, she was so beautiful ! But a quick poke through a gap in the box revealed she had non-bending legs, darn it. Pretty as she is, she looks very similar to 2003’s Princess of Japan, which I already have. Still, I loved her face and her dress. . . if we end up going back before the sale’s over, I might get her anyway. Still. . .why Mattel gives her bending wrists, posing elbows, and flat feet with straight-out legs is beyond my meager means of understanding.

So, I settled for three. Lemme tell you about ‘em, starting with the doll on the left. This cutie was on sale for $10., then I got the 25% off, too. I actually had trouble telling what kind of elbows these Deluxe Style dolls had. Every last one had a jacket or outfit that covered over them ! I found one that had sleeves pushed up just enough to show her now-standard bending elbow, not the ‘Made To Move’ one. Fine with me ! I actually started to get a different brunette doll with brown eyes and a blue outfit, but this gorgeous hazel-eyed doll was just behind her, and she quite literally just owned me ! Our TRU only had one of her, and she doesn’t show up on the website at all.

In the middle is a Made To Move doll. It got down to a choice between her and the ‘Style Glam Night’ doll, and if SGN had bendable legs, I’d have gone for her instead. What’s funny is, MTM is probably gonna be a body donor for that fairy doll I got at a thrift a few months ago – I really don’t like that Rock ‘n Royals body I put it on, much too stiff. Should be a good body match. You should see the results very soon.

On your right is one of the new Curvy Fashionista dolls, #27 Sweetheart Stripes. I was glad to see one ‘in the wild’, since they’re still very rare around here. Our TRU had two of her, and three of blonde #22, that was it for Curvy dolls. Plenty of Original and a couple Petite. All the rest were older Fashionista stock. I had no intentions of buying one, figuring I’d hold out for extended wardrobe brunette #38. But, again, she power-leapt into my cart, and that was that. I was a lot more interested in her than I thought I’d be. Looking forward to sewing for her, too !

Dearest Son spent his allowance a little early on a Lego Dimensions ‘UniKitty’ set, even though we don’t have the Dimensions game or the figure interface. Unlike most figure avatars, like for Infinity or Skylanders, this one was a mini Lego set – you assembled your own UniKitty and Cloud Car on the game platforms that double as stands. Cute as can be ! He scored a half-off sale, too !

Darn, but the Playroom is getting crowded. . .

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  1. Those are great Barbie's . The toy box philosopher review really showed off how great the MTM body is . You're lucky your store carries the new Barbie bodies, I don't know anyone around where I live who could get one other than online.