Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wonder if Dragon makes anything but Army boots. . .

I was impressed with the Dragon Solider action figure shoes I bought from toy-soldier-brigade on eBay. They arrived quickly, and despite being very similar to plastic Ken shoes, were shipped well-cushioned in sheets of bubble wrap inside a small box. The shoes themselves, German soldier boots with straps and ‘zippers’, looked even better than the photo – these were definitely NOT Ken shoes. They looked worn and scuffed, but not bad, just. . .well, boots well-worn, not worn out. Had to split ‘em down the back to get them on Han, even though they were soft vinyl, but they fit well and look great. If I can find other styles I like, I’m ordering. Well worth the $6., and that includes shipping.

Game Day was cancelled, and I’d intended to take Dearest Son to TRU, but we had a massive thunderstorm roll through – I stretched out on the sofa to watch it from the patio doors, and fell asleep. So did Dearest. Beloved Hubby was home early, and he crashed on the other sofa right after his late lunch. At Chez Insanity, storm weather is sleepy-time weather !

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  1. They're so realistic, well worth the money as you say.