Sunday, March 6, 2016

I'm just glad it wasn't the cat food aisle !

In all the preparation for Dearest Son’s First Day At Work with Beloved Hubby today, it never occurred to me that I’d have most of the day all to myself until they backed out of the driveway ! Then I made some quick plans. After all, days like today don’t often fall into my lap.

Got the money order Beloved asked for, and a few cherry-picked specials from the local grocers. Treated myself to bulk rice crackers (kinda bland), a ‘baby boule’ of delicious fresh bread, and two stalks of crisp celery. That was a treat, as celery in the usual grocery stores I go to has been nearly $2. a stalk since Christmas – surprising to find it half price at the health food place. It might even be organic, like that matters to my cheap backside. I was only at the health food place ‘cause Aldi’s didn’t open for a half hour.

Long story short (too late !), our pantry is bursting, full of good foods we all like. I was glad to see eggs back down to a bit over a dollar a dozen, too. I ate half the bread boule with cheese and butter and a going-fast salad for lunch, and Beloved reported that Dearest was having a good day – so good, in fact, that the work he estimated would take six hours only took four, so they were on the way home. Yaaay !

And I got a call from MIL. She and FIL had been, well, Dumpster diving, and discovered the remains of an estate sale. They’re selling about half of their gleaned goodies, but want to give me an old sewing machine they found, a portable miniature. I have no idea what it looks like, or even who made it, but I’ll take them out for sodas Monday, and pick it up then. Very nice of them to offer it to me ! Wonder if it works. . .

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  1. Congratulations to your son on his workday with Dad!
    I wonder what that sewing machine is- I had a toy one as a child that you could call a miniature but it sewed remarkably well, it could also be one of the small ones that came out a few years ago for quick sewing projects.