Friday, March 11, 2016

It’s officially Spring – I bit the head off a Peep this afternoon !

Fun with minor customization today ! Decided that the former fairy doll head would look much better on the Made To Move body, and popped that swap. Darn, but that MTM body is fun to play with ! If I could, and had the funds to do so, I’d buy a new MTM body for every doll I own and swap them all.

I also had to change her name. Originally, I called her Miko, but it’s a bit too close to Miyako, the name of my Princess of Japan doll. A few seconds of research told me that the Japanese word for Western-style fairies is ‘Yosei’. A bit of tweaking would give me Josie, or Josei, which would be a great name for her – it reminds me of ‘Josie and the Pussycats’, which I harbor fond memories from elementary school involving a Ben Cooper boxed Halloween costume, plus the cartoon. And it reflects her fairy-doll origin. So this lovely, fun doll is now Josei. And I’ll soon donate a MTM Asian head on a well-matching Rock ‘n Royals body. Probably in the same run that’ll donate a re-dressed Snow Glow Elsa in a Frozen Fever box.

Made a quick run to Dollar Tree today – I had a craving for cheep chips. They’re going all out for Easter, or more specifically, the kids’ baskets. Easter’s early this year, at the end of this month instead of the usual early April. I think they have more toys now than they did at Christmas ! I even saw Frozen-themed bubble solution – identical to the non-branded, of course, but that paper label means half the stuff for the same price.

I passed it by in favor of snagging yet another Elsa figurine, this one in the near-standard blue dress pose as a keychain. There was also an Anna version, and, of course, an Olaf. Flipped through a Fever-covered sticker package, but it was just more of what I already have, no Fever content at all. They also had matching themed diaries and crayons back in stock, but I think the chalk had sold out – they had plenty of Avengers, Doc McStuffins, and Disney Princess sets. I can chortle at how many hundreds of Elsa and Sophia The First keychains they had today, but they’ll be completely gone within a week. Possibly less.

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  1. Lucky doll, the body looks great and the outfit matches her hair.