Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Elsas really *do* find me ! And they bring siblings !

Beloved Hubby had some errands to run in CapitolCity, and Dearest Son wasn’t interested in going, so he opted for a visit to his grandparents’. I tagged along with Beloved, and we had a splendid time. Found three PlayStation 2 games for Dearest, including one on his wish list, for just $2. each ! For us, we got both seasons of Dead Like Me for $5. each, a great score. We also got a new doorbell and a spotlight ceiling light for my sewing arena from a reclaim store, cheep. I found a doll I sort-of wanted at a thrift, and Beloved found two Hawaiian-style shirts that look great on him. When we got home, we had the shirts, but no doll. A check of the receipt shows they didn’t charge us, but it was still a bit of a disappointment.

Dearest had a great time with the ILs, and immediately took a nap once we were all home again. Wasn’t long before Beloved and Junior-kitty were snoozing, too. I was a bit too drowsy to go with them to Mal-Wart for Dearest’s new boots – he’s gonna start working with Beloved tomorrow – and I figured this was prime guy time, so I crashed on the sofa for a bit. And my guys surprised me with a new doll ! Jakks Pacific’s Frozen Fever Elsa ! I was thinking about her when Snow Glow came my way, so now I have a decision. Which one do I keep ! I’m claiming the clothes and shoes from both, of course, but can only keep one actual doll. Luckily, they’re the same size.

If I keep Snow Glow, I have that big necklace to contend with whenever I sew her something new. If I keep Fever, her SG dress won’t ever light up again. Which would you go with ?


  1. I think I'd keep FF. You could probably rig up something to make SG's dress light up, but having to deal with the huge necklace makes SG's doll less versatile to me.

  2. I'd also keep FF. The dress that lights up is cool but I think you mentioned that this doll should also talk (sing?) but she doesn't so you may find one that does at some point in the future. In the meantime the clothes you sew for FF will suit other dolls too instead of only one.
    Also FF is a gift from your loved ones so she has sentimental value.