Monday, June 30, 2014

Inspiration's where you find it...

Sorry yesterday’s entry was so abrupt, but it was basically the truth. I kind of loafed around all day, resting and reading. Done with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, halfway through Chamber of Secrets already. I have the first four books, found super-cheap in second-hand shops about a year after the last movie went to DVD. Stores just wanted ‘em off the shelves. Plus, everybody’d long since quit bugging me to read them. Now I can enjoy them (or not) my own way and in my own time. Now if they’d just settle down about Dr Who. Whoo, am I tired of hearing about that one !  

Beloved Hubby’s not well. He mowed the grass with an angle grinder set up as a weed whacker (don’t ask) Saturday, and evidently the pollen was a bit much. Seriously, though, he’s been working hard and studying hard and not sleeping hard, so it was kind of inevitable. I could get him to take naps that stretched into the night, but he’d be up at 1, 2am, unable to get back to sleep. Plus his boss has been kind of a jerk about him being off for my medical miscellany. I’m amazed Beloved could keep together this long. I felt lazy just watching him sleep.

So, while he rested and Dearest Son watched Meatballs after dinner, I sewed ! Oh, it wasn’t much, some test lines of stitching to make sure the cats occupying the Arena in my absence hadn’t knocked anything loose or any settings off. But that worked, so I decided to tackle a small alteration project – a doll blouse that needed a full open back with Velcro® to work for another doll. Luckily for me, Dearest found the scissors hiding under the sofa (where I’d already checked, hmmm…), so it wasn’t long before I had the open back part.

The rest went well, KJ sewed excellently, and the closures went in easily. I was about to put it on a doll when I noticed some spots on the sleeves. Also on part of the freshly halved back. Evidently somewhere between the 17th and 53rd time I picked the blouse off the floor, it’d gotten stained. Few minutes in the bathroom sink with some hand soap, and it’s all white again. Should be dry in time for tomorrow’s picture !

So, as June ends, Beloved and I feel better. I can sew – more and soon ! And he can breathe, which I can tell you, is a huge relief to us both !

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