Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is it still a good day if I can say I lived through it ?

Today, it happened. The breathing treatment I was so worried about getting Friday night was tiresome today when I woke m’self up to take the last one of the day. Not four days in, and I’ve already gone from desperate to disdainful !

Although today was a bit of a challenge. Flush with my successful cooking yesterday – if you can call Stuffing with Chicken Bits for lunch actual cooking – I decided that I needed more tasks under my belt for confidence. So I fried up some going-fast eggs for breakfast and told FIL that I’d do my best to get MIL to the library today. From there, everything seemed to take longer than expected, even my shower. But I’d given m’self plenty of time to make sure I had enough energy to get my self-assigned job done, so I wasn’t worried.

What I wasn’t expecting was FIL, who added going to the UPS Store to mail some boxes back to DirecTV, to alter the day’s plans as we were backing down the driveway. He knew right where it was, wouldn’t take but a minute. Three turn-arounds later – including an illegal U-turn right in front of a cop ! – I found it. Arrrgh. The deed done, did I get thanked ? Of course not. I got, and I quote, “Only took five minutes. Too bad it took three weeks.” Well, I went off. I was being nice in the first place, never mind that I was getting weaker by the second, didn’t know if I had the focus to get to the library, and he pulls this ? So I snapped back, “Oh, sorry. Hospital has this stupid rule about keeping people there until they’re gonna live. I’ll have to talk to them about that, I’m sure it’s a big inconvenience to lots of people.”  Wisely, neither of us said another word.

Of course, a single block from the library, FIL informs me that it’s election day, but he’s sure it won’t bother what he needs to do. Um, FIL ? I promised Dearest Son he could look at the DVDs, and I had a book on hold to snag. Parking in the way-the-heck-out-there kind of interferes with my plans. Nothing for it, I dragged about a block away as he took to his heels before the 4Runner even stopped.

Eventually I got there - and proceeded to be violently ill in the Library bathroom. As if I wasn’t weak before…  Somehow we got what we needed to do done – all FIL did was drop off books – and I poured m’self back in the car. The drive home is a blurry smear in my memory, but at least the bedroom was nice and cool, and I had some sweet sugar-free red kool-aid to restore my energy. I even took my breathing treatment without whining too much.

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