Saturday, June 28, 2014

Small efforts still mean recovering !

Even with the nebulizer, my chest has been tight all day. I was careful, though, and listened to m’self – I soon learned when to lift and shift, and when to rest. Most of my new medical equipment was blocking the closet, so after Beloved Hubby hoisted the metric ton of dirty clothes to the Laundromat last night, and brought home clean ones, it was kinda difficult to put it all away. I figured out that by donating a surplus of books I wasn’t gonna be reading again – including Angela’s Ashes, a great read, but too depressing to waft through twice – and getting a few other things ready to be donated, I could move the medical over by my side of the bed, rearrange a few boxes, and poof, now we can easily get to our clothes. Hopefully I’ll soon be out and about and can get those heavy books out of the 4Runner’s trunk.

It’s also easier for me to get to all my stuff when I need to. Employed an unused knitting stand to hold nebulizer supplies, then filled the hole in the nebulizer tube box with the bag of hoses that go to the oxygen exchanger and cylinders. The ‘torpedo’ – huge emergency O2 cylinder that’ll last for at least two days – is next to my window, out of the way, no longer a threat to toes, but its stand comfortably nestles the shoulder-bag cylinder when it’s not being used. The unused, bigger ones are in the living room. That reminds me, tomorrow I have to wash the exchanger filter…

Other than that, it was a quiet day. Beloved had to work, but was home early, looking exhausted. I got him down for a nap (hopefully one that lasts all night !) around 6pm. Thanks to me, Dearest Son has found the delights of Roger Corman car films – Eat My Dust!, Grand Theft Auto – starring Ron Howard. I think it’s funny that he’d been on Happy Days for years, but he didn’t share a single scene with Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham) in GTA.

Oh, and Netflix gets Bad Santa sometime in July. One of my favorites, definitely not for the kiddies ! Watch it in a bad mood – or a good one. 

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