Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is it just me, or does Belle strongly resembles Selina Gomez .. .?

Today I got over my fear of doing some housework. You can say I’ve always been afraid of that, and I’d agree, but poor Beloved Hubby’s going nuts trying to keep everything together. So today, I earned some rest by darn near wearing m’self out with laundry. Got most put away, the rest sorted for a Laundromat trip. Give me a few more days, and I should be able to take it there m’self. Long as I use the small baskets – I could barely lift the big one full before all this started !

I also had a full day with no insulin injections, save for the overnight one I always have to take. I’ve stabilized my numbers enough so that I didn’t need more, at all, all day long. I’ve also lost twelve pounds somewhere, now that I have the scale working again. If you see it, either let me know or poke it into the trash with a stick for me, please !

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