Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sure, it looks like 'DevilBliss' at first, but it is sooo saving my life ! Please meet my nebulizer...

My albuterol ! It’s here in today’s mail – thank Everything ! We’ve had the nebulizer device since my Wednesday appointment, but not the medicine for it, and, frankly, it was kind of close last night. While I’ve been told repeatedly that my inhaler is the exact same thing, the nebulizer works so much better for me – and watching air-sickness bags being used as weapons in some noxious Spy Kids film Dearest Son selected was enough to make me wonder if last night was gonna be the night I didn’t make it.

Had some horrible dreams, woke up a lot, but I made it through. Beloved Hubby may have suspected something, and brought me a huge sugar-free coffee before he had to go to work. Coffee was perfect. I was getting enough air to get by, but I was still tight… so glad mail was early today. I’ve done three of my four prescribed treatments today and already feel so much better that I slept most of the day.

I know, seriously. It’s like, I’m finally breathing well enough to sleep ! Still, it’s a good thing, as even with the oxygen therapy, my sleep’s been spotty at best. I’m wondering if I’ll sleep at all tonight, with all these catnaps – or if I’ll sleep like a loaf of Dorrie, the way I have all day ?

Give me a week, and I may be back to almost-recovered ! I wanna sew so bad…

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