Friday, June 27, 2014

Barometer's rising...have I mentioned how much I appreciate my nebulizer lately ?

Today I learned I have to say goodbye to jellybeans. I found one of the after-Easter 4/$1. bags from Dollar Tree and had just a few. Nowhere near what I used to eat in one sitting ! However, two hours later, my glucose testing showed a number higher than I’ve had since I got out of the ER. And it only went down a little several hours later. So, those sweet delights have got to go. Shame – it was only ten or fifteen ! I’ll hand out the rest to Dearest Son over the next few days, then not buy ‘em again. (sigh) Probably the same goes for most candy, too…

But, it’s for the best. I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds since June began, and I want to keep losing, not gain back ! Heck, thanks to my time in the hospital, I’m not even hungry as often as I was. Still weak as a newborn kitten some days, but it’s kind of ‘one step forward, half-step back’, it seems. Just this week, I drove FIL around, got m’self to the VA, cleaned up some, and cooked ! Tomorrow, I wanna redo the bedroom somewhat, even though it’s supposed to rain and my chest is tight – it’s like that when the barometer is rising.

I’m still hoping to sew soon…

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