Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pictures return tomorrow - I promise !

Oh, how glorious breathing is, when you can wake without wheezing ! Even housecleaning becomes a joy when you can breathe and get so much done, with a few breaks.

C&C was due today, to deliver my oxygen therapy supplies, and the house was a wreck. So I got the litter box emptied, a place for the cylinders cleared, swept the whole living room and hallway where the concentrator was going to go (it ended up in the unswept bedroom, arrrgh !), swept the Study while I was at it, relocated clean and dirty laundry, and got a good start on moving the grocery stash. Now that the IL’s have their own kitchen, they don’t raid the supplies anymore ! Unfortunately, half the pantry shelves are taken over by Beloved Hubby’s tools…

So, I’m now back on my O2, and I’ve not had so much as a wheeze since I got home yesterday. Time to move on from that ! I know I didn’t get to tell you about the week before I ended up in hospital, the first of June, so it’ll be fun to do so now. It involves dolls !

I was feeling pretty good then, and actually had some money. So we took a day to go shopping ! The $12. I planned to spend on patterns at Hancock Fabrics turned to $30., but I finally had my grommet/eyelet setting problem solved. Who knew Hancock’s would have sturdier tools designed specifically to do that one thing ? It’s another large crimper, same price as the flimsy one I bought at Hobby Lobby, but I had a 40% off coupon there, too. I also snagged a couple remnants, for kicks.

Believe it or not, I didn’t spend a dime at TRU, even though they had two of the Freaky Fusion dolls, Sirena von Boo and Bonita Femur, and the Zombie Shake set of Venus and Rochelle. Those last two were tempting, but honestly. You’re gonna call a line Zombie Shake and not feature your two very prominent zombies ? This is pretty much where I broke with MH, sad to say. It’s been months since they were announced and peeked, along with the werecat twins in the same line, and still no Ghoulia or Slo Mo. Sorry, Mattel. You really dropped the ball here, and I feel I’ve already spent enough. Not one deluxe, awesome Ghoulia, even in a line based on her monster species, when most of the other cast has had several ? Sorry, I’ll be over here playing with what I already have and not spending endless hours anymore chasing more down – when I can calm down enough to play. Right now, to be honest, MH is a few dolls on my desk, not much else.

However, Dearest Son spent most of his saved up allowance there,  which added to previous spending should earn me another $5. gift certificate in the next month or six. Probably use it on the new set of Journey Girls shoes in hopes that half will fit the Disney Princess & Me dolls.

The glittery accessory store played fast and loose with its signage – no wonder they’re closing – so I didn’t spend as much there as I planned. Got three strap bracelets that work great as doll belts, but I found an Etsy seller with much better prices, so I limited m’self to the basics, white, black, brown. If they’d been the dollar all the signs trumpeted ( ‘$1.99 for bracelets’ in a font you could only read standing two feet from the display), I would have spent about $15. there, instead of six bucks. The Etsy seller’s are less than a dollar each, even with postage. Only reason I haven’t ordered yet is because things are thin since I got sick – Beloved’s had to take off a lot of work for me.

But I sure had fun when we had it ! Got a delicious cookie snack and some overpriced nostalgic candy and we were off again. My energy was already getting low, but we couldn’t resist hitting the Flea Market on the way home. Yaaay ! I snagged a Babysitter’s Club doll, one of the few I didn’t score back when I had Crissy, for a dollar – and yes, her clothes fit DP&M, thanks to stretchy knit fabrics ! I also found an oversized plastic shoebox stuffed fulla fabric scraps for $3., so I was happy. Dearest was thrilled with his Hot Wheels-size Knight Rider car, which he’s into now.

I barely had enough reserve power to get Dearest the slushie I promised, but the chips I bought – and about a half-hour stripped down under the window AC unit Beloved installed the night before – helped restore me. I had a blast folding fabric. Lots of reds, three blue and green Christmas linen napkins, and enough of a wild pink and blue floral to make clothes for me, with judicious cutting. Shorts and a scrub top, maybe.

Sewing tonight – unless I fall asleep ! Now that I can sleep, I do so much of it…


  1. Gotta love those Knight Rider cars! :D Your boy has great taste!

    I'm rather scandalized that there were no zombies in the Zombie Shake line, too. I keep thinking that there must be a deluxe wave 2 or something in the works, because if this is it, it's a baffling decision.

    1. He's so jealous of your collection, I can't read your blog while he's around ! He wants all of it, and who can blame him ? Good taste is easy to recognize ! :)