Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The VA just looooves my blood for some reason...

I feel kinda bad about telling an unkind story yesterday, so here’s a better one. Had to drive m’self to the VA today for a blood draw. Just that, nothing else, and even though he offered, I just couldn’t see Beloved Hubby taking half a day off work to drive me. Time to buck up and start taking care of some of the stuff that’s been on his shoulders far too long. My Doctor emphasized that there was no specific time, or even date, for my lab work, long as I got there and identified m’self, when wasn’t important, long as it was today or later. It was relatively cooler, and I was breathing OK, still a bit tired from yesterday, but if I got it done early enough, I’d have all day to rest. And after yesterday, I was pretty confident I could manage it ! So, at 9am – to avoid CapitolCity traffic – I was on my way.

Forgot about the humidity and having to park at the back 40. Oxygen tank notwithstanding, I was wheezing by the time I got to the doors. Turns out, the VA runs a little golf-cart tram, but I only see it when it’s already at the doors or further away from the 4Runner than I am. Besides, I still need the exercise. It wasn’t long before I was signed in and waiting my turn.

That’s when I met a really nice older gentleman. I was initially attracted to his shirt, which proclaimed him a graduate of Southern Battlefield High School. I was born at Southern Battlefield City, which was in a different state, but still… I smiled at him and invited him to sit beside me – few chairs were available – because I was lonely and he looked like a fun date. He laughed. And before I went before the fangs of modern medicine, I got to hear about his sadly deceased wife, his struggles with the poodle he adopted, but the pooch led him to his current girlfriend, who’s a part-time dog trainer, so everything was working out.

It felt so nice, just sitting there and listening to someone else, with other folks crowding in a bit, inching towards the conversation. He had a ring of company when my name was called – my seat was not long vacant. I got a wink from him as I left, gauze around my arm, and the idea of a nice nap caressing my mind. I’m glad he wore that shirt today !  

And I had the best nap ! 

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