Thursday, June 19, 2014

I actually bought this one - but there's a reason to my questionable spending !

Woke up with lights flashing behind my eyelids. Thunderstorm or migraine ? Could have been both. It was raining hard and my head felt like a split, leaking melon. Ranks when a light fun day for everyone else is enough to put you to bed early and keep you there ‘til midmorning. Just between us, I’m still wiped out, but I can’t lie abed all day. Nobody will bring me my computer in there !

Tell ya a secret. I’m hoarding patterns again. Just not Barbie ones anymore, I got tons of those suckers ! Nope, I’ve been squirrelling away any free American Girl ones I find on Pinterest or just plain online, since they’ll mostly fit Timey and Dottie and Chatty, and with alterations, fit the DP&M  girls, too. Sometimes, it’s enough to just have the shape of the design, that can be expanded or altered to fit other sizes. Been visiting Pixie Faire frequently – they have lots of designs I like. Too bad I can’t get most of ‘em in MH sizes ! I haven’t yet bought any, but every week or two, they do giveaways, and I’ve been all over those. Tomorrow they’re gonna give one of four patterns for BFC,Ink (Best Friends Club) dolls, I don’t even care which one, they’re all great. While I know they won’t fit DP&M without alteration, thanks to another freebie pattern, I’m looking forward to scoring one just the same. Who knows what I’ll get out of it ? If you’re curious, hit the Pixie Faire main page, slide over to ‘Freebies’, and select ‘Freebies & Giveaways’ from the drop down menu. The winner is normally downloadable from the main page Friday morning. I admit, I am sorta partial to the San Remo dress…

Even if you’re not into AG or Ellowyne, or any of the other dolls they publish patterns for, there’s lots of good ideas, tips, and tutorials also under the Freebies header, might be worth your time. Hope you find something worth downloading !

Come to think about it, I think there’s been only one non-99c Simplicity pattern I’ve bought in AG size. It’s this one, and I got it mostly for the tutorial on color blocking. Gosh knows the simple dress is easy enough to replicate without buying it !  I’ve read  the tutorial twice, but nothing seems to be ‘sticking’ lately, which is kind of why I’ve been reluctant to sew. There’s two more Etsy creator-made-and-sold patterns I’d like to have, but until I can round my rear back into the sewing Arena chair, it seems like a waste to buy them. Maybe I can bribe m’self…?

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  1. Hey Dorrie, I bought some AG size patterns awhile back during a Hancock's sale but haven't gotten around to doing anything yet so they're not cut. One set is just shoes. Would you want them? I'm apparently never going to do anything with them, lol!