Wednesday, June 18, 2014

They made a tea set just for them, but the DTree one is more for less !

Today was both fascinating and wearying. I had my follow-up appointment with my usual doctor, and things are looking well – we even got a nebulizer ! I have to go back in two weeks for some lab work, but it’s just that, give a little blood to the lab, and I’m on the way home. She’ll call me with results. We verified my weight loss, and my blood oxygen levels are good – of course, the cannula helps with that ! I learned that, long as someone else (preferably Beloved Hubby) is driving, I can administer a diabetic test in a moving car. Could probably give m’self insulin afterwards, too, but luckily, I haven’t needed much of that !

Doctor said I’m still recovering, so feeling weak and tired is still gonna be part of my day for at least another month. That was a relief ! I was starting to worry. I’m to rest when I feel I need to, and do what I can. So, I’m doing it right !

Dearest Son also had an appointment, and we got to hang out with S. and her family for a bit in between. It felt so good to have a bit of social time. S. has the best grapes, too – I need to ask her where she gets them. I also got to thank her for her ‘get well’ gift, because thanks to her and K. and O., I now own the Monster High Uno game. It’s really pretty – I almost want a second deck, just to display with the dolls.  

And today, I learned that Dearest is exactly the same height as me. Wow. He always seemed to be my little one…and now he’s well on his way to being taller than I ever will. He got caught up on his shots and had prescriptions refilled – and he has another appointment at the first of July, about his seizures. Here’s hoping all goes well there, too.

And I hope no medical emergencies loom on your horizon, for sure ! 

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