Friday, June 20, 2014

That center dress looks familiar...can't quite put a finger on it, but...

The Pixie Faire freebie was the sweet, ruffly Faraway Downs dress, not the sleek, streamlined San Reno, but it’s very pretty, I can use the heck out of that bodice, and it’s the best price, free ! So I snagged it. It seems so silly to want to buy patterns still when I get so many for free, but there’s so much I wanna learn to do – and so many ‘looks’ I want for my dolls ! - and the ones I like that’ll do what I want aren’t often given away. It does help, though, to go through what I have once in a while. I’ve eliminated two patterns from the ‘want’ file because I found that I already had them, but didn’t know it. Sure, maybe the newer one is easier, but as part of watching my spending, I should at least try what I already got first !

Forgot to mention that we got a newer freebie loveseat for the Study and tossed our older, stinkier one out. I swear, a gallon of Dollar Tree knock-off Febreeze couldn’t begin to KO the smell of beer on that thing. I’m glad it’s gone – we don’t drink beer, but I was getting a buzz just straightening out the cushions. This one is actually more worn, but it smells much better ! 

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